Sunday, January 10, 2016

Saving Angel the Dog with Petsmore @ SS2

BEWARE of puppies! There is an intangible force in those furballs that makes many people think that they are animal lovers when they are actually a lot lesser than that. How can they qualify as animal lovers if they start to abandon their dog once their pet is no longer a puppy. I know these people exist but I never felt this strong about this despicable act until I encountered Angel...or rather, when Angel found me.
Angel abandoned by her owner
Angel's owner is one of those sharing the same neighbourhood with me. I used to see her play with her owner since she was brought back as a baby. But as a year passed, the sandpit on the streets becomes the most frequent place I see her. Her fine white fur is always clustered by mud and matter that could possibly be faeces. Often too I see her locked out of her own home leaving her scratching the gates for food.
Desperately in need of a bath
Even if my eyes could bear such a sight, my conscience cannot. I decided to save this Maltese and adopted her. She was not well and needed fixing. I was not alone in this quest. With me was my like-minded sister, my compassionate boyfriend and one of the largest pet suppliers in Malaysia, Petsmore.
Fur all tangled and smelly waiting for her turn at the Petsmore grooming room
I arranged basic grooming for this poor dog at Petsmore SS2 so that she could regain her worth. Angel's condition was so bad that basic grooming was insufficient. Furfurry Academy's groomers advised that Angel developed skin problem due to her tangled and scruffy fur. Her pile of fuzz had to be shaven off. If not, that trip would be futile. So she was upgraded to full grooming.
Basic grooming price range. Basic grooming package worth RM2340 for 52 sessions (RM45 per session)
Petsmore's groomers are not only specialized and friendly, their kindness and concern was obvious- an attribute that only pure animal lovers can display. Through the window, we observed that every dog was treated with care and love as if they were the groomers' own. The grooming facility was well ventilated and clean with of course the most professional pet equipment. Service was commendable.
Furfurry Acedemy
The organized grooming room
Petsmore was so generous to treat Angel to one night stay at their Pet Hotel! Clean rooms, good ventilation, timely food and fresh water, I believe, was heaven to Angel compared to the agony she has been through being abandoned for the past few months. We knew we left shaggy Angel in good hands although we didn't know what to expect the next day.
We decided to give Angel a treat and checked her in Petsmores Pet Hotel
The next morning, my boyfriend and I woke up eagerly. We were going to pick Angel from her hotel! When she was carried to us, we could barely recognize her! She was so clean and smelt good. All those dirty fur was gone, leaving a short and neat coat of hair.
Angel freshly out from the Pet Hotel
How can they abandon such an adorable creature?
Angel checking out her clean surroundings
Angel responding to a treat
Difference between before and after grooming 
That day, Angel met many dogs that were much luckier than her. Loving human beings who are willing to care for their dogs as their precious family member gathered for the Yes I'm Beautiful (YIB) Contest prize giving ceremony. As she was busy leaping for her treat, I felt sad for Angel that her owner was not committed enough.
Cladded in Santa suite
Grand Prize Winner for Yes I'm Beautiful Bubu
2nd Prize Winner Pekingese Bibi
This Shih Tzu is literally spoon fed according to her owner
Proud owner with Coco the Poodle
My boyfriend and I took the responsibility to make a difference in that adorable dog's life. She will have shelter again and be our little angel. I am sure that there are millions of animals suffering the same fate or even worse. The least you can do, is not adding to that growing number by not bringing home a pet if you are not committed enough.

To those who are considering having pets because you think you "fell in love" with the puppy at the pet store, think again!

Having a pet is a serious responsibility. As rewarding as I would like to say having a pet is, it is as much work as caring for another family member. 

Be responsible and do not abandon your pets!

A week later, Angel's skin condition improved and she was much happier.

Special thanks to Petsmore for sponsoring Angel's grooming in efforts to save this Maltese. 

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