Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Improve Your English, Mandarin and Bahasa with Apple Tree Dictionary

I have an Egyptian friend. When I first met him in the Abu Dhabi, he shook my hands and told me "Ni hao. Wo shi Badr." (Hello, I am Badr) 

Taken aback and trying to remain calm, I consoled myself "Okay. It is not surprising because he could have googled that anytime." 

But he totally blew my mind when he started a whole good conversation in Mandarin with me!

Now, Badr is married to a Chinese wife and lives in China. He reads and writes Mandarin too!

Whenever I start to get disheartened when learning Mandarin I tell myself to look at Badr. I am not going to prove that I am 'banana' (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) my whole life! Therefore, I am always in search of Chinese dictionaries, Chinese subtitles and Chinese karaoke songs to fortify my mother tongue. Now with the advent of smart phones, learning is made simple all under scroll of the thumb. I found Apple Tree Dictionary app as my new Mandarin tutor recently and found it quite a good investment.

Apple Tree Dictionary consists of 20 dictionaries all in 1! The languages involved are English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. This is specially designed for Malaysian students and extremely useful to those who wants to fortify any of the three languages or learn  all three of them.
Apple Tree Dictionary- tri-lingual dictionary

 7 Reasons to Download Apple Tree Dictionary

1. 20 authorized dictionaries
Apple Tree Dictionary is a compilation of 20 authorized dictionaries including the famous Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Kamus Dewan, Kamus Inggeris-Melay Dewan and Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture. Just by having 20 in 1, the price of this app is redeemed. 
Longman Dictionary (English-Chinese)
Kamus Melayu Inggeris

 2. Examples Provided
Just press on the red EG button and example sentences will be provided for a more thorough understanding of the usage of the word
Longman Dictionary (English-Chinese)

3. All Dictionaries are Linked for the Ultimate Trilingual Experience
This means that if you do not understand the explanation, just click on the word and a list of dictionaries readily back that dictionary up! 

4. Kamus Simpulan Bahasa, Peribahasa and Penjodoh Bilangan
Liven your karangan with simpulan bahasa, peribahasa and penjodoh bilangan. Great for students who want to enrich their vocabulary for a more impressive essay. 
Kamus Simpulan Bahasa
Kamus Peribahasa

Kamus Penjodoh Bilangan

5. Idioms, English Proverbs and Phrasal Verbs Dictionary
One of my favourite dictionaries is the Chinese Idioms Dictionary. I have always wanted to sound deep like a scholar with fan-waving idioms. The dictionary only explains in Chinese and han yu pin yin. The other 19 dictionaries, however, can supplement this dictionary. Hopefully the developer will develop the explanation in English soon.
Chinese Idioms Dictionary

English Proverbs Dictionary
Phrasal Verbs Dictionary

6. Science and Math Dictionary
The Science and Math Dictionary is extremely useful to those who are transitioning from Chinese medium to Malay or English medium faculties. It may take a while to adapt. For me, as an engineer, it is useful when I need to know technical terms when I work in China. 
Science Dictionary
Mathematics Dictionary

7. Audio Function
Another wonderful feature of this app is that it has an audio function so that I can speak confidently instantly by imitating the audio. Especially useful when I am in China.

Chinese Idioms Dictionary

To download, go to Play Store and search for APPLE TREE DICTIONARIES for 1 year subscription at only RM98. 

Now that is a fraction of the price of 20 dictionaries all together!