Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Paradise of Herbs at Kem Herba @ Sungai Congkak Selangor

There is a paradise in Selangor just next to Sungai Congkak that not many people know of. This beautiful compoud of herbs does not deserve the eclipse from public because this is no ordinary garden. Kem Herba belongs to a former lecturer from the Forestry Faculty in University Putra Malaysia. He has lived in Australia and have decided to return to contribute to his home country through plants. A visit here will change your perspective of the 'boring' plants and will literally turn you over a new leaf. 
Arriving at Kem Herba, near Sg Congkak
When I heard Dr. Mohd Noor speak, I felt that he was a plant in his last life. His love and passion for herbs is profound and so is his knowledge of every leaf and flower. Stay at Kem Herba or just arrange for an introductory tour with him and you will experience his conviction in every plant as though they are humans. The great histories that he relate to the plants are eye-opening and yes, although they are all regarding plants, you will be wanting for more of Dr's interesting stories!
Kem Herba, a paradise of herbs and plants
Located by Sungai Congkak
Where flora and fauna live in harmony
The story behind every herb keeps you interested even if you are not a plant lover
My mom helping herself to study each of the plant. She is a herb lover!
Dr. Mohd. Noor has an interesting way of explaining the plants. His uncanny way of addressing certain points will keep you attentive throughout. He amazed us with some supernatural abilities of plants that are too common for our unrefined observation.
Cats have a strong reaction to the Catnip plant
Stevia leaves can be dried or crushed to replace sugars in drinks
Eating the sweet Lembia makes water taste exceptionally sweet!
My favourite yield of the day the Miracle Fruit
My biggest yield of the day is getting to know about the Miracle Fruit that makes ANYTHING sweet after sucking the cherry's juice. Even lime will tastes like syrup. With food tasting this sweet, the miracle fruit will make people consume more unpopular and funky-tasting herbs that are extremely beneficial to health.
Even the most sour of things will magically turn sweet!
My mom surprised that the lime tastes more like mandarin orange
Daun Gelugor, a sour leaf tastes so deliciously sweet after eating miracle fruit

Dr Mohd Noor Shamsudin was a lecturer in the Forestry Faculty in University Putra Malaysia
Dr Mohd Noor holding the Lidah Jin
or Mother-in-law's tongue that produces oxygen
 at night
Daun Ketum that has intoxicating ability
but also energizing properties

A flower that looks like a brush for bottles
This flower is originally white and turns red
when in hot condition

The Achiote fruit providing natural orange-red colouring
called Anatto
The moringa leaves and seeds that is sought for its medicinal values
Pedilanthus bracteatus a.k.a the bird plant
This place is apt for team building, school educational trips and family getaways. The chalets offer basic facilities like fan and unheatered showers but they are all an interesting part of a different life away from the city!
Fire pit for fans of BBQ
Serene compound of Kem Herba
Spacious land for that country feel
Mummy is loving the river

Bamboo at the entrance suggests a Zen atmosphere here
Humble homes and hostels 
In the company of graceful plants always

For bookings and more information, kindly contact
Dr. Mohd. Noor 012-3057161 
Pn Zalinah  012-9025852 
En Hafiz for marketing 013-2563630 (whatsapps only)

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