Monday, December 12, 2016

Super Seeds to RESTORE Beauty and Health

Kudos to Malaysia! We made it to the top of the list again- this time as the fattest country in Asia [1]. I kid you not my dear friends. Being able to boast the most delicious foods in the world has its repercussions. What seems to give you an ambrosial feeling on the taste buds does not necessarily mean it is good for your health.
Malaysia has the most delicious foods in the world
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First, we made it to be fattest in South East Asia. Now we are tops in Asia.
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'You Are What You Eat'. What you are today has everything to do with what you put in your mouth. Pills and supplements may seem like an answer to your nutrient insufficiency but synthetics can only do so much. I recently found a shortcut to score the essential nutrients that I need. Yes a shortcut! Have you heard of chia seeds?
Super food that restores your beauty and health
If your hand shot up in the air with an assuring yes, you most probably have seen it in its whole seed form. Those tiny black things which encapsulates a whole lot of goodness stays encapsulated even when it reaches our digestion system. Just like how coffee beans survive the gut of the civet cat, the seed is expelled out of our body perfectly intact without our bodies absorbing its nutrients.
Micro sliced raw chia seeds
That is why, raw chia seeds are now micro sliced (not powdered) to release the potency of this super food. Now you know why you have been eating the seeds but nothing seem to have changed.
After 20 minutes of a tablespoon of chia seeds, my mom was able to withstand Dwights push. That completely blew my mind.

8x more omega 3 than in salmon
Have you ever wondered what causes post-natal depression? The fetus draws omega 3 from the mother for development leaving the mother in a deficit of that nutrient. Omega 3 is known to lower levels of depression. 
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6x more calcium than in milk
Calcium helps to build bones and teeth. Calcium intake is important to prevent osteoporosis.
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3x more iron than spinach
Feeling lethargic all the time? It is most probably because you are lack of iron. Iron also helps metabolizes protein and produces hemoglobin and red blood cells.
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2x more potassium than bananas
Do not underestimate potassium as it includes relief from stroke, blood pressure, heart and kidney disorders, anxiety and stress as well as enhances muscle strength, metabolism, water balance and nervous system.
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15x more magnesium than brocolli
Going for an interview? Magnesium increases energy, calms nerves and anxiety. It relieves constipation, regulates calcium, potassium and sodium.
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2x more fibre than bran flakes
Believe it or not but our body contains 3-6 kg of feces. Literally, don't keep those sh*t inside of you. Expel them!

6x more protein than kidney beans
Our body needs protein to build and repair tissues, make hormones and enzymes. For growing children, pump them up with protein!
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4x more selenium than flax seed
Selenium might be rarely heard of but it is important for learning, healthy immune system and fertility for both men and women.
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Higher antioxidants than blueberries
Antioxidants fight free radicals for the body and to keep the skin glowing.
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Every day,it has become my regime to take a tablespoon of chia seeds just with water once in the morning and once in the evening. That is all it takes for all the nutrients I need. The cause of many sickness in the world is inflammation and the cure is good nourishment naturally. Clear the system of toxins, absorb those goodness like a sponge and let nature do its magic.
Micro sliced raw chia seeds with water
Dwight showing how to make a blend of mango, dragon fruit, honey with a drop of virgin coconut oil
Sprinkle some chia seeds in humus for a delicious vegetable dip
One good thing leads to another...your kids will love vegetables this way
My health is one investment that I strongly believe in. Regular car maintenance is necessary for a reason. The same for our body. Better this than to skimp at the cost of health and wait for that faithful bill from the hospital that would cost an arm and a leg!
Chugging down chia seeds is my daily ritual for better health and beauty
The few things that I have noticed is that my complexion is better, my lethargy has decrease and my bowel movements have improved. As chia seeds will expand in water, it keeps me full and cravings at bay, regulating my food intake. When I stopped taking it after two weeks, I noticed a difference in my complexion, energy and very obviously, bowel movements. Quickly, I went back to Dwain for more chia seeds. I told myself that if I were to be addicted to something, it must be something worth it like Restore chia seeds!
Thanks Dwight for introducing this super food!
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