Tuesday, March 7, 2017

High Tea (and Coffee) at Cafes Richard @ RW Genting

COFFEE. The love of many people's life. The potion that turns you from zombie to human. The survival juice that has to run through your veins before you can function. Admit it. This drink is a big deal. Knowing that, Resorts World Genting has brought the number 1 coffee roaster in France to Sky Avenue. Cafes Richard (pronounced Ree-charr) not only a place for the coffee junkies but also a haven for coffee connoisseurs.
Cafes Richard, French style cafe at Sky Avenue, Genting
This cafe is for those who have a more discerning palate in food and fashion. Other than its expertise in coffee, it also replicates the French joie de vivre with seats facing the streets (or in this case the walkway) and a beautiful outdoor platform where customers can add a little sunshine to their coffee.
The 'levitating' flower platform for an alfresco feel
Cafes Richard from France
Cafes Richard takes their products very seriously. Everything brewed, cooked and baked here are of explicit quality and know-how. A little chat with their coffee ambassador, Thibaut K. Bidi is a testament to how committed they are to excellence. According to this coffee encyclopedia, coffee appreciation is no less than the appreciation for wine and the benefits of respecting the drink is enjoyable.
Ambassador of Cafes Richard, Thibaut K. Bidi, very enthusiastically explaining the science of coffee
Cafes Richard carefully selects precious and uncommon beans from around the world to give customers a sense of exploration and discovery. Top of the list is Perle Noir, or black pearl, an exclusive Cafes Richard 100% Arabica brewed in a French-style espresso iconic of the Parisian Brasseries. Massaya, also served as an espresso hails from Mexico and is organically cultivated.
The cold press method produces the coffee in a 6-hour water extraction.
Coffees produced this way are smooth, rich with very little acidity, served cold.
The iced water can be pre-infused with fruits and spices to contrast the flavour of selected coffee.
Customers who prefer slow coffee methods such as French press, chemex, syphon or cold drip can choose from Ethiopian Moka Yirgacheffe cultivated in the birthplace of coffee, Costa Rica Tarrazu cultivated on volcanic plateaus, Sumatra 'Orang Utan' which proceeds partly go towards helping endangered orang utans of Indonesia as well as the rare and premium Jamaican Blue Mountain.
The Chemex method, served stylishly in a wine glass.
It gives an aromatic crystalline coffee with absolutely no bitterness
The Syphon method is produces coffee that are not too strong
The French press method for a full bodied and rich cup of joe. Finish brewing yourself at your table.
Latte Jardin Fleuri- rose, hibiscus, elderflower latte
Cheers with coffee
The most coveted seats will be the ones nestled on a stylized fiberglass and steel Frangipani flower platform
Add some solild delights with the high tea set
French macaroons
Check out their high tea set
Their waiters are trained in a fashion that they can confidently recommend beverages that are best suited to the customers' palate. Similar to how sommeliers explain wines and suggest the pairing with different dishes, Cafes Richard aims to have their staff to be sommeliers of coffee.
An afternoon tea with mummy
Cafes Richard
Level 1, Sky Avenue.
For more information, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com