Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tori Doki @ Sri Hartamas

In Sri Hartamas, there is a place where customers can look forward to izakaya style Japanese dining that brings you a tad closer to the Land of the Rising Sun. Specialized in chicken, Tori Doki concocts dishes with expertise and skills plucked directly from its origin. It is also at Tori Doki that my egg-venture stepped up another level by cracking whole raw egg in my food which is said to be a staple among Japanese and very nutritious too.
Toridoki @ Sri Hartamas
Choose counter seating for a more casual feel or one of the cozy booths for more privacy
The restaurant is warm with its interior and welcome. It offers a very encouraging atmosphere to eat as yakitori is prepared openly along the counter seating, enticing hungry customers after work. Smolders of aroma will make you impatient to get hold of the menu. Remember to look farther behind the restaurant for tatami dining tables which was my choice that evening.
I chose the tatami in-floor table for my dinner that night
Otoshi- Yasai Shiraae (Appetizer- Mash potato salad) Complimentary
Otoshi (appetizer) here is on the house for a start! That is one effective way to get my appetite growing. Even more interesting, appetizer here changes everyday. That evening, I had a dollop of mashed potato salad to begin with.

Konsai Salad (Root's Vegetable Salad) RM18.00
Cheeze freshly grated into the Konsai Salad
Who knew that boring roots could be so delicious. The Konsai Salad consists of lotus root and sweet potato. Amidst the soft sweet potato, the crunch from the lotus root is appreciated with creamy mayonnaise and cheddar cheese freshly grated in front of your eyes. Slightly caramelized, this salad gives an unexpected but delightful sweetness.

Cold Soju
Sipping cold Soju
Help yourselves to the wide selection of Japanese spirits at Tori Doki. What is Japanese dining without some anyway? Toridoki helps store alcoholic beverages bought by customers for their future visits.

Teba Age (Deep fried chicken wing) RM10.00
The Eastern Asian fried chicken is uniquely sprayed with some savoury sauce to wet the crispy layer. Tori Doki tops that with some sesame seeds to elevate the finger-licking good experience

Nagaimo Garlic Butter (Mountain yam) RM12.00
The Nagaimo or mountain yam is a delicate one to prepare. If under-fried, it is redolent of a raw taste and hard. If over-fried, it would melt. The Nagaimo Garlic Butter is fried to perfection with generous fragrance of garlic and butter.

Sunagimo Ahijyo (Chicken gizzard) RM18.00
Chicken gizzard multiplied its worth when cooked in olive oil with vegetables and seasoned to a peppery pleasure. These chewy morsels can be eaten with bread or on its own.

Yakitori-Toridoki (Chicken thigh and breast) RM8.00
The Yakitori Tori Doki then came and it is rightfully their most popular dish . Yakitori (skewered chicken) Toridoki alternates between chicken thigh and breast. Done the old-fashion way on charcoal, the meat is barbecued with precision timing so that it remains tender and juicy on the inside. Each piece of meat is wrapped with chicken skin, also fired to a heavenly crisp.

Yakitori- Negima (Chicken thigh and leeks) RM5.00
Having the thigh being the best part of the chicken for me, Yakitori Negima is an excellent choice. Pieces of chicken thigh are alternated with Japanese leeks that are burnt to a fragrant sweetness. The paper crisp chicken skin that wraps the meat deserves a double thumbs up.

Yakitori Negima is my favourite
Yakitori- Tsukune (chicken meatball)  RM11.00
Tsukune (chicken meat ball) is a blend of chicken breast, chicken thigh and soft chicken bone which contributes to the springy munch. It is slathered in savoury sweet sauce that keeps you asking for more.

Tori Sukiyaki RM 35 per person (minimum 2 order)

A medley of good stuff
Konyaku noodles added into the pot of soup after all the contents are scooped out
Sukiyaki is generally Japanese hot pot with thick and sweet base soup. The soup will draw liquid from vegetables and food cooked inside and increase in volume. Enjoy a good gathering or a catch-up over this steamy dish that includes chicken meat, liver, meat ball, vegetables and mushroom.

Dipping food into raw egg
Being a true blue egg lover, I am game for trying eggs in different forms although unusual. Whole fresh unadulterated raw egg was used as dips for my sukiyaki. The raw egg also dilutes the sweetness of the sauce to a lighter concoction and adds a silky touch to it.

Raw egg RM4.00
To those who cringe at the idea as raw eggs are known for a fishy smell, fret not as these premium eggs are sterilized. No odour was detected. Thus, the price of RM4 each. In Japan, all chicken eggs are fit to be eaten raw, making this a culture among its people. 

Raw egg poured over hot and fluffy rice with a drizzle of sukiyaki sauce
Pour raw egg over hot and fluffy rice with some sukiyaki sauce or plain soy sauce to understand that good food can come in the simplest form. Try it and share your egg-sperience with me!

Liver Pate RM16.00
Liver pate is an acquired taste. The liver of chicken is blended into a paste articulated with cheese. The taste can be a little overwhelming but a few nibbles later, I enjoyed its fancy kick.

Cheese Yaki Ongiri RM15.00
Cheese Yaki Ongiri is rice ball rolled with salty cheese. This number is quite filling and the rice tasted a little heavy. However, the dish is accompanied by sour plum jam on crackers. Sour plum taste was very pronounced and gave a refreshing feeling to the palate.

Houjicha Purin (Green tea pudding) RM10.00
Conclude your dinner with Houjicha Purin that has high-grade green tea bursting from the smooth and silky pudding. The texture was a little thick but it only means that it is solid with generous ingredients.

Notes of Japanese background music carried my mind away to believing that I was not in Malaysia until a local waitress dressed in a kimono arrived with excellent customer service.

Toridoki  Japanese Yakitori Restaurant
No 40, Jalan 24/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 - 937 3754 / 03 - 6206 4676

Business Hours:
Daily 5:30pm - 12am