Friday, December 25, 2015

Eat Healthier and Easier with Dah Makan

If you cannot go to your food, let the food come to you. Dah Makan is a kitchen and food delivery service that brings healthy meals right to your doorstep. I decided to check it out to see if they live up to their words and how efficient are they in delivery.
If you cannot go to your food, let the food come to you
The website is user-friendly and easily understood with simple lay-outs. Visuals of the menu are aligned neatly that it engaged me to click!
Simple lay-out and user-friendly website
I like the way Dah Makan only offers 2 choices every lunch and dinner. Too many choices give fickle minds like mine a headache and only diminishes the appetite. On that day, I decided to order dinner and chose the Slow Cooked Moroccan Chicken with Herb and Raisin Wild Rice and Roasted Vegetables. I had an inclination towards rice that day so it was easy to decide between the grain and bread. 
Receiving my order from Dah Makan
There are 3 time slots to choose from. The 1-hour slots starts from 5:30pm and ends at 8:30pm. I had a problem getting the time slot of my choice as it was greyed out. If problems like this occur, just give Dah Makan a call to sort it out. Mine was resolved with friendly service in a jiffy.

Neat packaging with cutleries
The delivery boy called me 5 minutes before reaching my house. Dah Makan was not only punctual, food was protected in a foil bag and delivered like a treasure. I received my meal warm and my juice chilly.

Main course: Moroccan chicken stew with herb and raisin studded wild rice pilaf with crunchy roasted cauliflower florets and carrots RM20.00

Drink: Watermelon and Lime Juice RM6.00

Snack: Coconut curry lime nut mix by Amazin' Graze RM5.00

Total: RM31.00
My dinner box came in an adequate portion for 1 person
Every meal has its ingredients listed to you when you order. To health conscious people who eats clean, this is the perfect delivery for you. Calories are also stated so that you can watch your intake. My Moroccan chicken has these ingredients and gave me 690kcal.

Wild rice
Olive Oil
Curry Powder

Wish you could smell it from the picture
The Moroccan Chicken was piquant with tomato with a hint of curry flavour that gave it an appetizing appeal. Wild rice will naturally taste peculiar with more fiber content but no one said healthy food is the most yummy. The rice was still soft and warm and articulated with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots that were roasted to the hardness that I was pleased with.
Wild rice pilaf tasted good
Having dinner at the comfort of my own home
Order this as a surprise treat or gift for your hubby or friend who is a health freak. You will be thanked profusely.
Eat right, eat healthily
Compliment your meal with their concoction of juices. I chose watermelon and lime juice. Like I expected, it turned out to be refreshing. It had me burping out the word healthy after dinner.
Watermelon and lime juice
Later in the evening, my appetite was tickling again. I needed something to nibble on. My little packet of coconut curry lime snack by Amazin' Graze extinguished the craving on a healthy note. I chose this snack because I was intrigued by the uncommon combination of curry and lime. The curry did a great job in making the pecans irresistibly delicious! There was no spiciness. The lime and brown sugar gave it an interesting twist, giving my palettes a world of a time.
Coconut curry lime snack
Dah Makan food and delivery service definitely scores a thumbs up for contributing to healthy eating. This contemporary business has been featured in NTV7, Women's Weekly and Malay Mail. Delivery is at the moment free within the Klang Valley. 

I personally think this service offers a fuss free situation for your lunch and breakfast. Totally easy and convenient. It may be a little pricey but it is one kitchen you can count on for healthier food compared to the char kuey teow accross the road. Plus, the food is guaranteed to reach you, rain or shine.

Dah Makan feeds some giant corporations like Petronas, KPMG, Maxis, Maybank. So if you happen to attend a lunch meeting with these companies, you might be served with healthy lunch boxes from Dah Makan. 

Dah Makan does not open every day though. They are closed on weekends and public holidays. After having the food taste approved, let's hope that they turn their service into a daily affair for greater convenience.

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