Thursday, July 30, 2015

For Those Who Love Roses- Jurlique's Limited Edition Precious Rose Hand Cream

My love for the rose scent has been validated by Jurlique on their 30th anniversary celebration. You know you have taste when a skincare giant chooses to endorse the flower scent that you adore *wink* Jurlique has elected the rose to be the flavour of their special hand cream that is only for sale in conjunction with the brand’s birthday.

I simply adore this product and I am not paid to say this. I know it is pure rose when I breathed near the tube of hand cream. The smell of 2000 rose petals in a 150ml tube cannot be concealed. The sweet and romantic scent just blows me away. This rich cream replenishes and deeply moisturises hands to restore them to smoothness. My skin feels velvety soft and supple when applied- perfect for the victims of air-conditioning. The aromatherapy does not stop there. The cream should be massaged thoroughly with gentle strokes, finger by finger. The cream charms with a stronger scent when massaged more. It always leaves me feeling like a blooming flower and manages to sow great mood in me even on rough days. I do not mind being the walking air-freshener in the office.

Well, it is a little pricey being retailed at RM230 a tube. For those who do not mind splurging on a hand cream or rather, on making your hand smelling love worthy, I recommend this hand cream. For those who are looking for a chance to pamper themselves or rose lovers who are simply searching for the purest smelling rose cream, this is the one for you. I am a girl who scouts for rose scented products. I got it mostly for the rose scent. It never fails to invigorate. It has been my most precious rose so far!