Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pampered at Luminous Beauty Parlour @ Desa Park City

I love how manicure and pedicure do wonders to my appearance and confidence. However, I tend to avoid sweet pastel colours as I did not like how they look so pale against my tan skin. But Luminous, the spanking new beauty parlour at Desa Park City proved I was wrong. I recently got my latest nail art that I never thought I would like so much! Thanks to Luminous, I restored my faith in sweet pastels again. Scroll down to look at what they have designed for me!
Time to pamper myself
Luminous, a spanking new beauty parlour at Desa Park City
At the launch of Luminous with 3 friends who become co-owners
Lets take a look at the interior of the beauty parlour 

Upon entering Luminous Beauty Parlour I cannot help noticing how comfortable and welcoming their elegant interior made me feel. Soft lights, white finishes and the simplicity of the parlour aptly portrays an image of a sanctuary where people walk out being more beautiful than when they walked in. Temperature was just nice that I wished a few times I could cuddle up in their blanket and lean on their cushions with a book and hot cocoa till next morning.
Sleek reception at Luminous

Luminous Beauty Parlour provides manicure, pedicure, facials and beauty treatment services. They live by their tagline 'Irreplaceable Human Touch' which is positively testified during my visit there. My manicurist, Stefi, was so obliging from the moment I appeared. She rendered her service with much effort, perfecting every detail of my nail art, although it was past her time to go off duty. The manicurist here will not leave you in the lurch if you cannot decide your colours. Stefi amicably guided me to choose the colour that I both liked and suited (sometimes the colour that you like may not suit you, right?)
Comfortable and snappy environment
Luminous creates beauty with Diami nail polish  from Korea
DJ Leng Yein getting her nails done at Luminous
Luminous represents Babor, a German skincare brand well known for its quality
Facial room

Creativity, Style and Character
One thing I cannot stop myself from loving is Luminous Beauty Parlour's incredibly attractive nail arts! I was fickle from the moment I saw the array of designs Stefi presented to me. Not only they are creative, their designs are screaming with character and style!

During times like this, take a deep breath, calm down, and talk to the manicurist. Stefi, as if could understand my excitement, gently recommended the styles that would suit me. She took into consideration the colours that I preferred and her experience in the industry. She was the one who surprised me with how sweet pastel colours can make my hands luminous.
I have to tell you, it won't be easy choosing from a vast variety of  equally well composed  nail art
Love the cozy atmosphere at Luminous. That blanket can make me doze off anytime!
Choosing colour while Stefi buffs my toe nails
My sparkling emerald toes are pedicured to match the colour of the sea. Now I am ready for my beach vacay! 
Excited to see how my nails transform
Stefi meticulously sticking flowers on my nails
Colourful synthetic dried flowers to form a little garden on my nails
The Satisfying Result
Oh I must say, Stefi was not doing manicure, she was conjuring magic! My raw claws turned into a little princessy garden. My nails literally has dried flowers under the gel enamel. Although extremely sweet in a pink theme, the sparkle and gems added sophistication at the same time. I like how my fingers are paired to display the same designs that cleverly jive with the rest of the finger nails' designs. 
My sweet nails are ready!
People wonder why I smile when driving
Gel nail polish is my preferred choice as it suits my active lifestyle. It can withstand harsh tasks like gardening!
Do not underestimate how manicure can do to your mood even when working in the kitchen
Taking care of my appearance has always been as important as taking care of my health in my life. Not to be confused with vanity or even worse, narcissism, it is actually the matter having respect for the people whom I will encounter and simply, self-love. Polished nails, although seem unimportant to many, contribute not only to how you look but also give an inner surge of confidence and femininity. From driving to cooking to gardening, they are all more enjoyable with a little bit of coloured nails!
Enjoying the view of my nails everytime I work on my lappy
G-1-7, Plaza Arcadia 
3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Park City
52200 Kuala Lumpur.

03-2715 0225
Instagram: @luminous_beauty_parlour