Sunday, April 3, 2016

Raffles College 35th Graduation Showcase Fashion Show @ The Royale Chulan Hotel

Very often we see big designer names appearing in shows and awe at them as if they were born with the label. But then, every expert in anything was once a beginner, an apprentice, a student. Raffles College unleashed another batch of freshly baked fashion designers on their 35th Graduation at The Royale Chulan Hotel. The vibes were high and enthusiasm was fully loaded. The Graduation Show Case gave the graduates the perfect opportunity to exhibit their pieces of creativity and talent as a mark of them stepping into the threshold of the fashion industry. 
My sister Evy and I at the Raffles College 35th Graduation Showcase Fashion Show
Albert Einstein once said, "A person who never makes a mistake never tried anything new." Inspired by this quote, Raffles College eccentrically themed their annual showcase "Error". Behind the negative word, there is sweet appreciation towards mistakes and failures that become bricks in building success.
Fashion Show themed Error
 Through its interpretation of its unique theme , I noticed the passion of the institution in being a center for education and learning. If I was given such a theme to work on, I too would not be afraid to make mistakes and take every error as a learning opportunity instead of drilling on perfection. 
Outfit of the evening at The Royale Chulan Hotel
Below are some of my favourites. 

Eternal Beauty by Jeffery Goh Jao Ren
These white pieces are elegant and timeless with flowy material. The designs though, in my opinion are a little convensional

Don't Run You Little Monster by Ng Yee Chien
Uncanny pieces are eye catching and deliberately out of proportion. Very cute theme with daring geometries.

Into The Glamorous Jungle by Sharifah Amina
Green being one of my favourite colours, the designer managed to assimilate the jungle colour into fashionable pieces that shows green is the new black.

The Art of Illumination by Elaine Ong
Pieces of a theme that suggests magic is sharp with gold, red and black hues. Fairytale like, it gives a a medieval royalty look at second glance.

Intrinsic by Jeanette Tan
Very ethnic and primitive in style. Bringing out the best of earlier civilization.
Spotted Tuti from Asia's Next Top Model Season 4

Resurrecting Cleopatra by Nazia Rahman
If you look carefully at these Egyptian-like pieces, you will notice that they sublimely carry hints of the Malay traditional costume. Very ethnic and roars sophistication.
Spotted Chloe Chen, Miss Malaysia World 2011

HANBOK: Cultured Beauty by Ma Dayeon
Hanbok reincarnated into modern wear. Very refreshing adaptations from the traditional Korean costume. The culture is still pronounce, carrying the oriental character in a contemporary way. 
This is my favourite piece!

Spot It! by Zoe Liu Hui Min
The title is very spot on with its theme. Pieces that will catch the eye immediately with popping colours and pleasingly awkward designs.

Criteria of the showcase were: 
1. Story board (creativity and design)
2. Workmanship of garments
3. Commercial viability
4. Hanger appeal
5. Colour, fabrics and accessories
6. Catwalk presentation (which I guess is why top models were hired by students to wear their pieces. Among famous models spotted were Tuti, Asia's Next Top Model Season 4 finalist and Chloe Chen, Miss Malaysia World 2011. The Investment syllabus is apparently put to good use)

Among the judges was Katie Yi Yi- a blogger turned fashion designer
Sister Evy enjoying the show
Thank you Joan for having us!
I always felt I am not all engineering. There are some artistic cells in me waiting to be awakened. One day, I will find myself enrolling in Raffles College. If you are looking for a course in the creative industry, Raffles College of Higher Education has expertise in providing these courses:

Fashion Design
Fashion Marketing and Management
Jewelry Design
Multimedia Design
Visual Communication
Interior Design
Applied Psychology
Business Marketing

Visit their website at for more info