Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ATV and Archery at Bilut Extreme Park @ Bentong

As a swashbuckler, adventure has always been one of my favourite ways of appreciating life. This time, my weekend adventure comes in four wheels- the All Terrain Vehicle! I always wondered if the ATV is truely invincible on all terrains. The feeling of a conqueror, I must try, since the ATV rolls on almost any ground!
Me on an ATV
Yes conquering the Earth was not enough and I ended up being a warrior too! Archery was waiting as soon as I got off my ATV and it is all in Bilut Extreme Park at Bentong.
Me with the bow and arrow
Bilut Extreme Park is located at Felda Lurah Bilut, 18km away from Bentong town and approximately 11/2 hours drive from Petaling Jaya. This place is founded by a team of adventurous people who love nature and challenge in 2013.
Bilut Adventure Park in Bentong!
A rocking awesome weekend!
Rabbit compound at the Bilut
Bunnies to soothe the roughed up spirit

Of course the first thing that sparked the spirit was an ATV displayed at the entrance. We were then greeted by a row of four-wheelers parked neatly ready to be at our service. I chose a white one and wriggled with excitement before the engine was even turned on.
Marshal Nazri giving briefing
Be clear that an ATV is NOT a motorcycle. Always remember to keep your feet inside and do not use them to balance or touch the ground. And motorcyclists who think they can tame the ATV like their two-wheelers at home should come and try it first!

I am glad that there are only 3 gears that govern this machine- Front, Neutral and Reverse. Easy!
There are only 3 gears- front, neutral and reverse
For first timers, here are a few things you should bring when going for an ATV adventure:

1. Backpack cos a sling bag will not do much good for your balance
2. Water to keep hydrated for continuous fun! You don't have to worry about toilets in nature anyway
3. Sunblock and cap cos it won't be shaded all the way
4. Handphone/ camera to capture all the beautiful sceneries on the way but do find a way to secure it cos you will be in motion most of the time
5. Comfortable and rugged clothes and shoes cos the last thing you want to worry about is whether your expensive clothes are soiled
6. A change of clothes just in case
7. Gloves are provided but you are most welcomed to bring your own sweet-smelling pair. Required to protect your delicate hands from peeling from twisting the handle.
Remember to bring gloves
Then we were brought to a small track among the palm trees but this is not the real deal yet. Here is where the Marshall will make sure that all are warmed up till our ears and the sound of the engines are one.
The basic track among palm trees
After 15 min, the ATV graduates knuckled down for some extreme fun out in the estate. Rivers, slopes and bumpy roads were defied. This is the only time I enjoyed being off balanced. The more unbalanced, the better! See a long stretch of even road? Ramp up on the accelerator!
Roaring on my  ATV
Admiring nature while on
Terrains at the palm oil estate are challenging yet beautiful. It is a great way to spend a weekend either in a group or just by yourself.


ATV Route A RM 70
Approximately 30 minutes ride
5 min learning & test ride
15 min palm trees track
10 min off road ride 
Stream crossing + uneven off road
*easy & suitable for beginner 

ATV Route B RM 120
Approximately 60 minutes
5 min learning & test ride
15 min palm oil track
40 min off road ride
Stream crossing + challenging Hills + Hilltop viewing point
*moderate = suitable for good skills’ rider 

ATV Route C RM180
Approximately 90 minutes
5 min learning and test ride
15 min palm oil track
70 min off road ride
Stream crossing + riding on the stream + Challenging Hills + 2 hilltops + rubber estate ride
*hard = suitable for experienced rider 

ATV Route D RM 200
Approximately 90 minutes
5 min learning + test ride
15 min palm oil tree ride
50 min off road ride
20 min riding on the stream
Challenging uphill road + Hilltop viewing point + Rubber estate road
*very hard = suitable for experienced rider with good skills

Family Route RM120
Approximately 60 minutes
5 min learning + test ride
15 min palm oil track
40 min off road ride
Stream crossing + small uphill
*easy = suitable for 1st timer, family with children or family with elderly

The excitement continues with bows and arrows at the archery field. Although I am no expert, there is something about archery that gives pleasure and releases tension. The trick is to perhaps imagine the target board to be your bosses head =P Just kidding.
Isabelle, park manager, strapping on safety gear for me
Isabelle giving briefing of how to be the archery should be played
Unlike indoor archery, archery at Bilut will not pamper its players. The field is exposed to nature and its trying circumstances that will only make you pull one arrow after another. Birds, wind and rain will be testing your archery skills while honing them.
Aiming at the boss...oops I mean bulls eye
Hawk eye wannabe


12 Arrows
24 Arrows
36 Arrows
60 Arrows
120 Arrows
Per person
Max 2 person
Max 3 person
Max 4 person
Max 5 person
RM 10.00
RM 18.00
RM 27.00
RM 40.00
RM 72

Save RM 2.00
Save RM 3.00
Save RM 10.00
Save RM 28.00

Free 8 arrows
Free 18 Arrows
Free 28 Arrows

Two new games is lining up to entertain in Bilut Extreme Park- Viper Runner and Archery Tag.

The Viper Runner is set up on a steep landscape. Runner have to go through over 14 obstacles on the track. Crawling through mud, scaling heights with a Fear Factor environment sounds like players will have an unforgettable experience. The set up is Viper Challenge standard, for those who want to train for the event. 

Archery Tag will arrive end of 2016. Played similarly like dodge ball but with bows and foam-tipped arrows, this action-packed activity will shoot lots fun in you. It is a family-friendly game that engages all players.
A great area for outdoor and sports
So time to get our of your couch or put that turn off that video game! You'll discover more precious experiences once you mount that revving ATM and hitting that bulls eye.

Bilut Extreme Park
Lot 6776 Jalan Bilut – Raub, Lurah Bilut, 28800 Bentong, Pahang

Call for booking: 

Operating hours: 
Monday to Sunday (closed on Wednesdays)
9:30am to 6:00pm