Friday, May 6, 2016

Fashion and Food at CocoZ.Kr @ Sungei Wang Plaza

The Korean fad is far from fading in Malaysia. A new Korean concept store has just emerged in KL's perennial jewel, Sungei Wang Plaza. Fusing fashion and food, CocoZ.Kr aims to offer a wholesome Korean experience that transports you to the land of Winter Sonata.
CocoZ.Kr @ Sungei Wang Plaza
The store has 2 levels where one can enjoy kimchi and bingsu on the 1st floor after a vanity session at the lower level. Sungei Wang Group's venture into a diverse business testifies their resolution to bring fulfillment of both fashion and the tummy under one roof. I decided to take a look at this integrated store to see how the novelty concept jives.
Store at Ground level
Everything Korean

CocoZ.Kr Costume Jewelry
At the lower floor, arrays of bling blings stimulates the eyes. Earrings, necklaces and rings are available in a myriad of designs that range from simple to sophisticated. CocoZ.Kr brings quality Korean accessories from the streets of Hongdae right to Malaysia. These costume jewelries are carefully curated in limited numbers to ensure that each are unique for a more exclusive taste.
Umie Aida CocoZ.Kr ambassador
The array of accessories in CocoZ.Kr
Shop setting at CocoZ.Kr
Rings and blings
Adorn your neck with one of these
Fickle at the many attractive pieces
Getting one for my mom's birthday

Incoco Nail Polish
One outstanding product in CocoZ.Kr is the Incoco Nail Polish. To my surprise the brush-in-a-bottle polish has a new rival- the stick-on polish! This new player in the nail industry is a revolutionary nail polish that is dry and only needs to be stuck on like sticker! But beware, Incoco is particular about being called a sticker simply because they are not!
Incoco, revolutionary nail polish
Comes in many interesting colours and designs
I was quite reserved about the idea of sticking on my nail polish. But after a while, it dawned upon me that it is indeed quicker and more convenient especially to those in a rush. Imagine you did not have time to visit the nail parlour to match your nails with your dress for a gala in the evening, or you have a baby that is surgically stuck to you. A packet of Incoco nail polish will save your life. These strips come in 200 designs and styles, require no drying time and lasts up to 14 days. Each strip is made of 100% nail polish, complete with base, colour and top coat. One packet comes with 16 strips of different sizes (6 extra) , a microfiber cloth and a filer and priced at rm49.90 each. Just stick it on and trim!
Just stick it on and trim
From left, Tuti, Yvonne Sim and Megan Tan

CocoZ.Kr  Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony of CocoZ.Kr was an interesting one with celebrity friends and models. The act depicted the concept of the store which combines good food with stylish accessories, including Incoco nail polish. See how even the male model had his nails done?
Chloe Chen in the opening act of the launch. She is so pretty!
Korea is synonymous with romance and the act was not short of some. A proposal scene took place when the couple was happily enjoying their date in CocoZ.Kr Restaurant and the oh-so-pretty Chloe Chen was dazzling with the brand's accessories. At another table, a couple of friends were sharing their girly time prettifying their nails, wearing the brand's accessories and chatting over bingsu.
Living up to Korean romance
Chloe Chen shows how costume jewelry is worn
Launching of CocoZ.Kr with celebrities
From left: Tuti, Derrick Tan, Chairman of Sungei Wang Plaza, Umie Aida, ambassador of CocoZ.Kr; Dato’ Seri Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi, Chairman of Sungei Wang Plaza Sdn Bhd. Megan Tan and Yvonne Sim
At the launch with Umie Aida

CocoZ.Kr Restaurant
And it was time to review the food. How will a restaurant sharing the same brand as the accessory store fair? Is it possible for them to be great at both food and fashion?
CocoZ.Kr Restaurant is located at the first floor
Main course counter
Hand made korean noodles
Translated, the Jongno halmeoni kaguksu means Jongno Grandmother's Knife-cut Noodles. Jongno Halmeoni Kalguksu is one of Korea's top noodle stores specializing in freshly handmade kalguksu (knife-cut) noodles. It's ingredients are imported directly from Korea to ensure the highest quality and authenticity in taste. The dish is pork-free and made with anchovy soup stock.
Set up of restaurant in the first floor
Spicy Kalguksu
RM15.00 per set that comes with mandu, kimchi and coke or mineral water
The kalguksu comes in clear anchovy and spicy broth. The cut noodles are pasty and quite thick for my liking. But I guess that is the inherent feature of all knife-cut noodles. The broth holds the fragrance of anchovies. I prefer the clear broth to the spicy one as its flavour is more pronounced and appealing. The spiciness is not disappointing for the spicy broth though.
Tasting the spicy Kalguksu with my friend Jai
Chicken/ Beef Kimchi Fried Rice
RM17.00 per set that comes with mandu, kimchi and coke or mineral water
The chicken or beef kimchi fried rice has sufficient flavour and comforting. It gives the similiar pleasure of nasi goreng USA. It comes with a sunny side up that spills rich yolk over rice with seaweed to enhance the plate of rice.
Tastes like nasi goreng USA to be honest
Sujebi in a pot- RM15.00 per set that comes with mandu, kimchi and coke or mineral water
From left, steamed mandu- RM9.00 per plate
pan fried mandu- RM9.00 per plate
kimchi- free flow!
Mandu meets the standard expectation of a meat-stuffed dumpling. The kimchi which is free-flow by the way lacks spiciness and is towards the sweet side. I enjoyed it anyway as cabbage is in my list of favourite vegetables.
Mango Bingsu- RM18 double RM10 single
The mango bingsu managed to score some praise with its sweet and generous chunks of mango. The syrup amount is sufficient to blanket the ice and diluted condensed milk helped make the dessert creamy. This bowl of delight is much desired especially on a hot day after shopping.
A merry face with mango!
Strawberry Bingsu- RM18 double RM10 single
Set meal menu at CocoZ.Kr
Overall, the store did give me the Korean vibe. Worth a visit with its refreshing concept!
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