Saturday, August 5, 2017

Zap Those Pigmentation Away with Q-Switch Laser at Clinic MF

My battle with pigmentation continues and I arrived at Clinic MF. The Q-Swith Laser, one of the most technologically advanced lasers that is FDA approved, is fast gaining popularity in Malaysia and being at the forefront of aesthetic treatments Clinic MF offers the treatment at all its branches at an interesting fee.
With Aesthetic Physician Dr Daniel Yap
The Q-Switch laser is known for cleansing out embedded dead cells which includes both superficial and deep hyper-pigmented conditions. With this technology, it can:
  • treat age spots
  • treat melasma
  • treat vascular lesions
  • remove tatoo
Patients do not need to have problems with their skin to benefit from the laser treatment. It also:
  • speeds up skin renewal process
  • minimize pores
  • refine lines
  • brightens skin tone
The reception area of Clinic MF
Accreditation of doctors
The consultation session with aesthetic physician, I must say, is a commendable one. Dr. Yap thoroughly explained the reasons of my pigmentation, the options that I had and how to prevent acne scars from recurring. I sensed sincerity in his consultation and it upped my trust towards his recommendation.
Consultation with Dr Daniel Yap
This treatment can be done not only the face but also other parts of the body that is pigmented. For me, I chose to give my back priority in treatment because I have been battling acne scars on my back for years.
The comfortable and clean treatment room
The Fontona Laser Machine
Clinic MF's treatment room is comfortable and, most importantly, clean. Their nurses and doctors will ensure your needs are attended to. Having to bare my back, the nurse helped me feel easy during the whole treatment. 

The Q-Switch Laser procedure:
15-20 minutes for pre-cleansing
15-20 minutes for Q-Switch laser
20-25 minutes for Hydrogel Mask, mosturiser and sunscreen
Zap those pigmentation away!
I went straight back to work after the treatment and there is no down time (rest time) needed. 
There was no peeling, swelling and burning sensation although the marks are a little darker immediately after the procedure. Dr Yap explained it is because the blood flow is increased under the skin at treatment area, boosting renewal of skin cells and collagen. 

After just 3 days, I started to see my scars fade.

After the procedure, remember that:
  • Consistent application of sunscreen for protection even at home is important
  • Hydrating mask or moisturizer 3 ties a day for the first 5 days should be applied
  • Normal facial is allowed
  • Normal facial wash is allowed
  • Products like foundation, make up, face powders and concealers are allowed
Do note:
  • Not to sun tan or undergo artificial tanning
  • Do not scrub or exfoliate for the next 2 weeks
  • Do not apply toner for first 3 days
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