Sunday, September 10, 2017

Chin Swee Caves Temple @ Genting Highlands

If you want a breath heaven, there is a temple literally reaching the sky. Located 4,600 feet above sea level, it is shrouded by clouds most of the time, making it such an ethereal view. The Chin Swee temple is truely a divine place to clear the mind and feed the soul.
Reached the Chin Swee Temple!
There were many times that the temple entrance was calling me in vain as the only way to get to Chin Swee temple was to drive there or to walk downhill from the peak. Good news now that Genting has constructed its new cable car line to stop at Chin Swee before reaching the peak. I immediately jumped at the idea of stopping by the temple en route to Sky Avenue to answer the calling that was long overdue.
The religious site on the way up to Resorts World Genting
Intricately designed prayer hall
With mom and dad at the spacious plot near the waterfall
The grandeur of our rainforest on the Titiwangsa Ranges
Fam pic!
The Giant Buddha
Journey to Enlightenment
Be among the 8 Fairies
Guess what! There is a Starbucks outlet here!
Enjoy a hot latte before climbing up the 9 levels of the Pagoda
There are also food stalls to keep you warm while you pay homage but sisters love is always the warmest =)
Paying homage to the deities
Behind the altar, there is a rlittle stream of water flowing from the mountains. As refreshing as as it can get!
Remember to feel the magically tingling sensation of the cool water
Feed the beautiful kois
Landscapes to admire
The Chin Swee Temple aptly sitting on the clouds
The cable car stops at the Chin Swee Temple station for free
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