Sunday, September 10, 2017

Seni Kome Peng Heng @ Resorts World Genting

Seni Kome (pronounced Seni Koh-meh) means 'our art' (seni kami) in the local Pahang dialect. Peng Heng is name stated in historical documents of the Ming Dinasty refering to the East Coast region of the peninsular since the 1520s. It is amazing that Peng Heng is still used in some of the Chinese dialect today. We have come so far since civilization but still, we cannot forget our roots that led us here. Before modernization consumes our culture to extinction, it is our duty to preserve it for our future generation.
Welcoe to Seni Kome Peng Heng
Silat moves represented by the figurines. To learn, try imitating them
Just like the name suggests, Senikome Peng Heng is a vibrant display of the local arts and culture of the East Coast regions- Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. Cultures are interrelated and assimilate among these three east coast states of Peninsular Malaysia. Rich in culture and heritage, every piece of cultural element showcased will bring a vibrant element of the East Coast culture to life.
Try your hands on the gamelan instruments
The bonang is my favourite gamelan percussion. It produces divine sounds that transports me to a transcendental realm
The drawing section is for visitors to express their appreciation of the cultures through drawing. Here we see a friendly mix of professional painters and children who holds the brush for the first time. Some ideas for you when you are there illustrate the things you see around the centre like the batik, wau and wayang kulit. The conducive environment and facilities will bring out the artistic side in you while you paint. When you have finished, it is yours to be proud of.
The batik beautifully drawn by a guest
Staff of the art centre mingling with guests
My siblings and I working on the art block
Our master pieces! I framed my painting as a decorative piece in my garden
My favourite section is the traditional games section. These were the games that we used to occupy our lives free time with (geez am I feeling a little less younger). It is evident now that iPads and the internet is displacing these fun games. At least, it helps move more than our fingers.
Teng teng or hopscotch
Getah or rubber bands
Test your agility with chapteh
Batu seremban or five stones
Love the congkak
The  unautomated weaving machine
Every design of the dagger symbolizes what the ancient people believe in
Before movies, there was the wayang kulit or shadow play
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