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Dine Like An Emperor @ Dorsett Grand Subang

Dorsett Grand Subang has started the year of the Dog right by having new Executive Chinese Chef Bryan Teh to breath new flavours into their CNY menu. Every dish is composed with heart and blended with culinary prowess, leaving no room for chances to complain. True enough, after the scrumptious spread, it registered among the guests that they received something out of the ordinary.
Dorsett Grand Subang offers 5 different creative varieties- pink prawns, jellyfish, salmon, soft-shell crab and baby abalone
Dine like an Emperor at Dorsett Grand Subang
The grand entrance at the Emperor
The Emperor makes sure its oriental atmosphere is felt as soon as you cross the Chinese bridge at the entrance. The traditional details in the restaurant were hinting their authenticity in Chinese cuisine all over.
Dining hall of The Emperor
Prosperity Hee Har Yee Sang with Pink Prawn and Fresh Fruit
1/2 portion- RM88 nett, full portion RM-138 nett
Toss for good luck and prosperity
Yee sang always brings good cheer into the crowd
The 'Hee Har' Pink Prawns and Fresh Fruits Yee Sang drew the curtains ups for the evening. A Chinese culture only in Malaysia, the colourful platter is tossed high with chopsticks while good wishes uttered for prosperity and good luck. Freshness of the poached prawns, needless to say, was the reason for its springy meat. Jellyfish added another level of enjoyment to the Yee Sang, drizzled with tangy plum sauce.

Chef Bryan Teh bringing 16 years of experience in Chinese Cuisine to Dorsett Grand Subang
Nutritious Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Vegetable in Coconut
Soothing the throat with superior soup
*Signature Dish*
Chef Bryan Teh's skill is revealed with the furling steam of the Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Vegetable in Coconut. Contained in specially picked coconuts, the intensely boiled soup is served in generous portions but just enough to make you crave for more. The nutritious combination of black chicken, fish maw and scallop produced an aroma that made everyone salivate even before it touched our lips. I could already tell that the preparation of the soup is taken seriously even before I was told that the soup is steamed for 8 hours. 

Wok-fried Lamb Chop with Mocha Coffee
Be ready to be impressed 
*Signature Dish*
Lamb evaders be ready to be converted! Wok-fried Lamb Chop with Mocha Coffee proves that lamb can be everyone's favourite when married with coffee and chocolate. The bitterness of coffee brilliantly eliminates the odour of the meat that is famed to be difficult and the tint of chocolate gives it the caramelized sweetness. After being impressed with the flavouring, I found myself enamoured by the superb tenderness of the meat. A memorable dish worth visiting the Emperor for. 

Poached Pear Grouper Fish with Taro and Superior Soup
*Signature Dish*
Experience for yourself how yam whets the taste buds with the Poached Pear Grouper Fish with Taro and Superior Soup. Fried grouper fish is basted with superior soup that is infused with goodness of dang gui and wolfberries. The cloudy soup is a great follow-through to the toothsome fish meat as the yam gave it its unique grainy texture and thickness.

Wok-fried Jumbo Prawn with Golden Garlic and Superior Stock Sauce
The Wok-fried Jumbo Prawns with Golden Garlic and Superior Stock Sauce was uplifting with the fragrance of garlic. It is the kind of lingering taste that you want your palate to be tingled with. The superior stock invested with garlic compliments the seafood experience elegantly.

Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice Mixed Glutinous Rice with Diced Chicken, Diced Yam and Duck Meat
This is the kind of rice that will make you would want to skip the carb diet. As soon as the Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice Mixed Glutinous Rice with Diced Chicken, Diced Yam and Duck Meat is unfolded, my appetite could not escape from the oaky aroma. Savoury with the flavours of duck and chicken, the fluffy soft rice will go right up the street of those who even take rice sparingly. 

Double-boiled Fuji Apples with Snow Fungus and Honey Dates
After a festival of amazing flavours, sooth your throat with the Double-boiled Fuji Apples with Snow Fungus and Honey Dates.

Deep-fried Chinese New Year Cake with Glutinous Dumpling "Shanghai Sytle"
Carefully sandwiched between tactful slices of yam and sweet potato to not cloy up the guests, nuggets of Deep-fried Chinese New Year Cakes are a joy to chew on. Just when I thought the best was over, the sesame spurting Glutinous Dumpling left me speechless. Pillowy soft at just the right thickness, these mua chis ended the evening marvelously.
Just when I thought the best was over, the sesame mua chi made me speechless


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