Sunday, January 21, 2018

Everything Sweet on Popcorn Day @ Lot 10

The National Popcorn Day in United States is celebrated at the end of January, although its exact date is a matter of debate. Various sources report it as January 19; others claim it takes place on whatever day a “big game” falls on. The Popcorn Board is often asked about the origins of this day; unfortunately, we do not know how or when this celebration began.

All we know for now, is that it is loads of sweetness and fun!

Popcorn fans can come and taste different brands of popcorn
It takes just a cotton candy to bring out the kid in me
Guess how many popcorns in the jar
Eureka popcorns
Chill out area to enjoy some sugary delights during the weekends
Spend time making figurines out of rubber clay
Impressive adornment made of rubber clay
I made half a watermelon
Roses I made
Decoupage art demonstration for that pretty finish on  objects
3D gelato by Stick Arts
Kimora Jean making a snack for me- corn laced with marshmallow, flamed and sprinkled with cheese
Sweet weekend with friends
Sunday funday at Lot10