Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dear Tun M-My Thoughts on GE-14

Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir, I would like to think that we are alike in many ways. Apart from having big noses, I would like to see myself as…a patriot, just like yourself! While you stifle your coughs during your speeches, I was battling with my bladder at the grounds to make sure I stay till the end of it. Very fundamentally, we both struggle in our own ways all because of our love for Malaysia.

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Source: Instagram @tunmahathir 
I knew that this general election would be extraordinary from the moment I found out that this 93 year-old man is using his remaining strength to champion for the future of his country. At an age where many of us cannot even dream of reaching, this nanogenarian is a figure that I am glad to be in the same lifetime with. Admitting his past doings as possible mistakes does not vindicate him of his actions when he was premier. But, to witness this legend tear like a normal rakyat thinking of the fate his country is something that I cannot have the heart to say is fake. Tun, can you stay alive longer?

Rakyat Malaysia at ceramah 
This elections is not about whether Tun M can be the prime minister at seven years short of a century years old or whether he is being a hypocrite emerging on the other side of BN now. Let’s just say, he played his cards well during his time. If even sage politicians like him apparently woke up from retirement looking at the national situation, to me, this elections is about saving Malaysia. I am not a political researcher but here are my thoughts as an ordinary citizen:

1. First of all, I want to be able to carry the ‘Malaysian’ label with pride among other nationalities. Even if I were to adopt PR in another country, my genesis as a Malaysian first prevails in my biodata. To be known as a nation famed for being in a cloud of scandals in BBC instead of being top notch in education is not what I have in mind for my country. The last I want to hear is my children and their children blaming me for making them Malaysians too.

Anak Malaysia
2. It is very unfortunate to have encountered disappointing cases of friends and family who admit defeat because of the recent redelineation of constituency or being too confident of a certain party’s victory. “My vote will not make a difference” mindset is more poisonous than the damage that has been done to the country. We rob ourselves of our country’s future more than anybody else by thinking that way. Those perceiving along that line, you first have to know what has been done to our dearest nation (make your Google useful). Your vote, like how Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz puts it, is your agreement on whether to renew or terminate the contract of the ‘management’ that handles your country. If you do nothing, you truly have no right to complain about what happens in the next 5 years. It tantamounts to saying yes to whatever comes. The result of redelineation is not up to us voters to predict. To you, your vote counts.

What does it take to save my country? 
3. I don’t want to feel helpless and scared anymore. In recent years, I have a feeling that things implemented don’t make Malaysians’ lives easier anymore. We cannot question and do anything about it other than vote every 5 years. Simple activities like having lunch and travelling in town becomes more and more of a financial struggle because of the instability of prices and fares, what more to own the most minuscule of diamonds to decorate my stubby fingers. We can be intoxicated by our own rubbish because of improper waste treatment but at the same time be drowned in towers and towers of empty office spaces. Why do I sometimes feel like a citizen of an impoverished country? Will I have to bring my engineering certificate to render my service as a domestic helper, relying on currency exchange for a better life?

4. Essentially, the government is there to serve the rakyat. Just like in business, competition is essential to avoid monopoly. Having other parties on standby for the coveted opportunity will ensure that the people is heard and results are priority. If not, to the next contender please!

We are Malaysians first
Seeing Tun M, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and other comrades sacrificing their time, giving up life-time opportunities and risking their privileges for a better Malaysia, I feel the need to do my part. Leaving my countrymen to do all the work is not a trait of mine.

So on polling day, give no chance for your vote to be spoilt by:

1. wearing no indecent clothes (no sleeveless, shorts, slippers)
2. wearing no nail polish
3. bringing your identification card
4. arriving early and anticipate traffic, road blocks and weather
5. crossing on the right place on the paper
6. putting my votes in the CORRECT ballot boxes (parliament and state)

Read up more on how to vote. Google ‘voter education Malaysia'.

On the last 2 days before polling day take the opportunity to infuse yourselves with more information through ceramahs or via internet. Make an informed decision.

Happy Voting!