Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Smurfs Live On Stage @ Resorts World Genting

Be your kid's favourite parent/ aunty/ uncle/ bigger sister/ brother by bringing them to The Smurfs Live On Stage at Resorts World Genting. Why? Because if even I was singing to the Smurf tune whenever the La La song is on, your children will be dancing to it! I was even blue to the occasion that evening with my favourite blue dress.
The Smurfs Live on Stage-The Smurfs Save Spring
The child in me just found her way out by shaking my head from side to side with a cheer that I could not contain when the blue beings marched out on the stage. It instantly chased all the blue I accumulated from the week. It is always happy spring time when these white-hatted blue Smurfs appear. I must say that the musical is articulately played by actors with wonderful voices that made songs delivered live literally music to the ear . The show disseminates positive messages about friendship, teamwork and care for the environment.
Kidney bean looking footprints. Guess whose?
Played out at the Genting International Showroom
When Papa Smurf leads the pack
Lots of fun twirls and prancing
“This year is the Smurfs’ 60th anniversary, as they were born in 1958,” says Nick Larkin, producer of the show. “It took many, many years of meetings, approvals, designing and planning to bring this show to life, but it was worth it in the end. The play was interactive with actors drawing reaction from the crowd to complete the scene. The audience were seen happily offering their response by answering unanimously and waving their hands in the air.
Smurfs are akin to spring
Directed by John Rowe and choreographed by Katie Kermond, of Millennium Entertainment International, ‘The Smurfs Live On Stage – The Smurfs Save Spring’ presents an original story about the Smurfs’ favourite time of the year – spring. As the village prepares for their much-awaited Spring Parade, their perennial nemesis – the evil Gargamel – plots to disrupt the festivities with another one of his wicked plans. The Smurfs will have to work together to battle Gargamel and save Mother Nature, brought to life by the talented actors of this long-running touring production. 
Gargamel- the villain who constantly wishes for the extinction of Smurfs
Eight of the best-known Smurfs will feature prominently in ‘The Smurfs Live On Stage – The Smurfs Save Spring’, including Pape Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, Brainy Smurf and the lovely Smurfette.
Who's the happy kid here
Audience clapping and waving hands in glee
Look at this little human Smurf!
Kids are invited for a photograph with the adorable Smurfs

Tickets for ‘The Smurfs Live On Stage – The Smurfs Save Spring’ at Resorts World Genting are priced at RM176 (VIP), RM136 (PS1) and RM96 (PS2), excluding RM4 processing fees. 

Children under a year old will enjoy free entry. A 10% discount applies for Genting Rewards Card members. There are also special room packages starting from RM263 nett, which offers savings up to RM399.

The show will be performed daily at the 1,000-capacity Genting International Showroom from May 26 to June 24, at 8.30pm Mondays to Saturdays and at 4pm on Sundays. Additional 4pm matinees are scheduled for June 15 and 16.

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com