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Happy 7th Birthday Morganfield's!

Happy 7th Birthday Morganfield's! When it comes to pork ribs, Morganfield's #stickybones never disappoint! The tenderness of the skillfully marinated meat that just falls off the bones is just irresistible.

In conjunction with its anniversary, a portion of the price paid will be donated to the Tabung harapan with every order of the Anniversary Platter, Mini Anniversary latter and the 7th Heaven mocktail. Enjoy!
Morganfield's sticky bones impresses again and again!
Morganfield's at Damen Mall Subang Jaya
The rustic themed interior combining elements of wood and steel
The bar
The al-fresco area of Morganfield's Damen
The 7th Heaven mocktail will send you just to where it suggests with its refreshing orange fragrance sensed from a mile a way! Made up of 4 layers of zesty goodness, the blue lagoon syrup, pineapple juice, cranberry juice and orange juice, this drink is delicious! RM 15.90

Pigs do fly at Morganfield's
Alright, I really have to know how they do it! Morganfield's ribs are out of this world! How do they make it so tender, juicy and so flavourful all at the same time? The way the meat just falls out of the bone is incredible. All misery just melts away just like how the meat melts in your mouth. Morganfield's makes you be glad you had sticky fingers after each meal. Happens to me all the time at least!

Available in four yummy flavours that can make you fickle: 

Hickory BBQ
Homemade BBQ sauce by Morganfield's themselves. Cannot go wrong with the sauce created by the master of spare ribs!

Asian Charred
You know that sweet sticky black glaze on the 'char siew' loved by the Chinese? Morganfield's shows that it understands the Asian appetite with the most fragrant herbs and spices that would be right up your alley.

Smoked Peppercorn
If spicy is your game, meet the smoked peppercorn which just fires up your tastebuds the way you like it. 

Rib Rub
Not a fan of sauces? Morganfield's keeps it simply with a dry rack but still infused with flavours with the rub technique.
Mom and I sharing a porky moment
The bountiful Anniversary Platter with a full slab of Sticky Bones Spare Ribs (choice of Hickory BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn, Asian Charred or Rib Rub)
2 Asian Herb chicken skewers
4 BBQ chicken wings
Calamari, Spicy Devil sausage, Herby Hog sausage,
garden veggies, pillaf rice and spicy dip
Serves 3-4 pple, with 2 complimentary ice-cream on waffles RM219.90
Look at the lip-smacking Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs
Can't finish that huge platter? Go for the Mini Anniversary Platter
Lunch slab sticky bones spare ribs (photo shows Asian Charred flavour)
1 Asian Herb chicken skewer, 2 BBQ chicken wings,
1 Spicy Devil sausage, 1 Herby Hog sausage,
garden veggies, pilaf rice and spicy dip.
Serves 2 pple, with 1 complimentary ice-cream on waffles RM98.90
The Anniversary Platter and the mini
Complimentary dessert- ice cream on waffle
If  you ask for water, they'll serve it in the oink oink mugs
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Email the same phototo
And e-voucher for a free set of Sticky Wings will be emailed to you
Mouth watering Sticky Wings in Honey Soy, Fiery Habanero and Golden Egg Crunch
RM22.90 but get it free when you follow the steps above
I must say that Morganfield's have done a great job creating this combination of chicken wings. Deep fried then slathered with sauce (a little Korean technique adopted), this set captured my heart without a question.

The Honey Soy leverages on the sweetness from honey and and savouriness from soy to create that bliss point that keeps you coming back for more.

Who can resist the Golden Egg Crunch! Velvety salted egg stir-fried with fragrant curry leaves is makes it so easy to fall in love with it

The Fiery Habanero wins over your tastebuds on a different dimension. Also sweet and savoury but with a kick of spiciness.

Being porky is fun!
Charge up your phone for free while you devour those sticky ribs
Morganfield's shows thoughtfulness with their phone charging service
With every order of the Anniversary Platter, the Mini Anniversary Platter and 7th Heaven, a portion of what you pay will be donated to Tabung Harapan

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