Saturday, June 16, 2018

Eat Drink Thai @ Kota Damansara

Sawadee kaa! If you are in the mood for Thai food, Eat Drink Thai (EDT) in Kota Damansara has the necessities to satisfy your cravings. Although in the Malaysian food scene, Thai eateries are almost at every corner of a street, Eat Drink Thai still manages to establish full house during lunch on weekdays. This charming shop serves reinvented Thai flavours while preserving the Siamese essentials.
From left Thai Green Tea Latte (RM5), Fanta Red (RM4), Thai Milk Tea (RM5)
Eat Drink Thai at Kota Damansara
Industrial raw interior reflecting the Thai street food heritage
True Thai restaurants will take care of the beer part too!
RM12 per bottle and RM55 per bucket of 5 bottles
Singha beer available too
Crispy Papaya Salad Som Tam Krop RM15
An innovation based on the traditional papaya salad som tam, julienned papaya is tactfully fried to an unguessable form, dressed with juicy strawberries, cherry tomatoes, pineapple and long beans and strewn with peanuts. Titillating in a refreshing way, the papaya emits its sweetness when you have enjoyed its crisp. It was evident that it is EDT's best seller appetizer when my friend quickly asked if anyone else wanted it out of courteousy before sliding the rest of it on to her plate.

Pineapple fried rice with chicken RM14
Pineapple fried rice with seafood RM18
There is something in this pineapple rice that made me dug into it spoonful after spoonful. Fresh and sweet pineapple is definitely an appeal with cashew nuts giving that nutty and creamy nuance. Not forgetting, bursts of raisins too. My best guess on its secret ingredient that made it addictive was a sprinkle of curry powder. If you are searching for comfort food, this is it.

Seafood Pot in Red Tom Yum RM63.20
EDT's seriousness in creating the perfect tom yum is reflected in its soup. The freshness of ingredients seeps into the tom yum which creates unstoppable slurps at the spoon's end. A fragrant balance between sweet, sour and spicy with lots of lemongrass and lime.

Appetizing tom yum
New feature Thai Jim Jum RM63.20
Sweet is this pot of Thai Jim Jum. Lots of onions, lemongrass and other herbs in chicken broth makes this one a nutritious choice. Sufficient for 2-3 persons, this Thai steamboat comes with a platter of tiger prawns, chicken meat, clams and vegetables. After all the cooking, the super flavourful soup is something you would want to keep some room in your tummy for. Remember also to avail yourself to the three dips that comes together to give it more kick!

Thai Jim Jum- steamboat
Savouring the Jim Jum soup
Large fresh prawns
The accomplice of  wicked spiciness that you will love
Hatyai Fried Chicken Gai Tod Hatyai RM15 small RM25 big
This fried chicken definitely gives Hyatyai a good impression to those who have never been there because it is simply delightful to have. The marination penetrates into the meat making you wonder, "Hmmm...what's this chicken made of?" The chicken is skillfully fried and its skin cracks lightly under your teeth.

Pandan Chicken Gai Hor Bai Toey RM15 small RM25 big
Pandan chicken is a staple that every Thai restaurant should serve and EDT's version passes the expectation. Green curry is something that satisfies those with a penchant for rich tastes as it is heavier with coconut milk compared to that of some that I have tried. 

Green Curry Chicken Gaeng Khiew Wan Gai RM15 small RM25 big
Red Ruby Thab Thim Krop RM6
Aluminium can and canisters- a Thai signature

Eat Drink Thai

9 Jalan PJU 5/9, 
Kota Damansara, 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

Daily, lunch & dinner
Set lunches at RM8 and RM9 also served.

Tel: 03-6151-2888