Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant @ Bangkok

Bangkok is full of eccentricity. This time, I associate my lunch with sex. However, the restaurant guarantees that their food will not cause pregnancy. Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant intrigued me enough to make me go out even on a 40oC afternoon. Melting under the umbrella, I finally found the place at Sukhumvit Soi 12.
Welcome to Cabbages and Condoms or known as C&C in short
Located next to the Asian Centre for Population and Community Development, this bizarre eatery has attracted international attention. Cabbages and Condoms is established by the Population and Community Developement Association (PDA), one of Thailand's largest and most successful private, non-profit, development organizations. PDA was founded to promote family planning and to contain Thailand's rapid population growth (average of 7 children per family). 
Located just adjacent to the Asian Centre for Population and Community Development
So why Cabbages and Condoms instead of other names? The institution believes that for family planning to be successful, birth control should be as accessible as vegetables in the market and the ones served in the restaurant. A deluge of sense penetrated into me and the brilliance of the name shone. The deep and serious intention of the appellation totally changed my initial perception that it was for shallow marketing.
You know you are heading to the right place when the road that leads to the resto shows outstanding decor
The organization is active in community empowerment, water resource development, environmental conservation and sanitation and HIV/ AIDS prevention through education. Profits from the restaurant is used to support those work. Therefore, any visit there does not make it lewd but charitable.
Greeted by manequin bedecked in condoms
The restaurant was not shy in expressing its identity. I recognized right away that I was in the right place when I made out what was on the surface of lamps and dolls at the entrance. Condoms have never been so openly displayed to me in my life!
Santa and an army boy
Condom lamp
Despite the outstanding embellishment, the ambiance of the restaurant is just as enticing. When it is scorching hot outside, the restaurant is as cool as a cucumber inside. Their temperate mini-climate is beholden to the canopy of plants at the al-fresco dining area. Without a doubt, I took my seat outdoors.
Interior of the restaurant is cosy and relaxing
Enjoying the atmosphere while waiting for my food
Shady enough to provide a cool place despite the heat
Chef's recommendation
More chef's recommendation
I decided to try the clear chicken broth as I needed something gentle on my tummy after all that walk under that sweltering weather. I could be more adventurous but I was feeling a little under the weather for something spicy. So I literally had the chicken soup of the day!
Clear Chicken Broth THB190
The soup was flavourful with lots of yummy nuggets to munch. Toufu, mushroom, seaweed and chicken chunks were thrown in to conjure a healthy broth. The soup was uplifting and helped me recuperate while I hung around a little longer after the dish. Service was always with a smile.
Sipping my soup with lots of yummy ingredients
While you are there, do not pass the chance to appreciate those interesting posters hung in the restaurant. They are fascinating while being educational. Each one of them brings a strong message to empower people to learn about family planning in creative and hilarious ways although the national issue is nothing to giggle about. The restaurant is one-of-its kind and is brave to fight for its cause in an extraordinary way.
Condoman poster
Restaurant is bedecked with interesting posters
Posters are to break taboo of an issue that is more of a national concenrn
Creative posters to create awareness
Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant
10 Sukhumvit Soi 12
10110 Bangkok 

Open daily 11.00am-10.00pm