Monday, September 12, 2016

White Water Rafting @ Gopeng

Gopeng is no longer a sleepy mining town. It has turned into a jewel that people travel from far for excitement and adventure. The highlands surrounding the Kampar River has metamorphed into a thriving area for eco-resorts and outdoor activities like paintball, kayaking, caving (Gua Tempurung), ATV and white water rafting.
Gopeng is famous for white water rafting
Connecting with nature has become one of my must-dos. This time, it is white water rafting White water rafting is one activity that allows you to submerge in nature and literally soak up its goodness.
Adeline's place offers activities such as white water rafting
Adeline's place is one friendly destination where both comfort and adventure can be found. The place is clean with sufficient amenities enveloped with plants and fresh air. To get to Adeline's place, first you have to enjoy a lorry ride! After reaching the villa, another lorry ride is required to transport you to Kampar River.
First ride the lorry
There are many reliable white water rafting providers and Adeline's team is one of them. Proper safety gears, quality equipment and qualified guides are just the things I need to put me at ease for the thrill that I am going to to embark myself in.
Briefing by Abang Helmy
The river is said to provide rapids of class 2-4 (highest is class 6). This means it is not too dangerous without discounting the thrill. Fret not if you do not know swimming, the float will keep you safe and might even entice you with some beautiful scenery while you are floating comfortably with the current.
Beginning of the adventure
Our first dip to get accustomed to water
Getting on our rafts
Ready for white water
Mayday mayday!
No pain no gain
It is not as dangerous as it looks
In fact, this is the fun part
Hard work...paddle forward!
At times when the raft get stuck, the guide has to put their muscles to work...with all of us in it!
Remember to enjoy the lush surroundings
Sound of water is soothing
Time for a chat
Jump jump! to free the raft from getting stuck 
There are a few interesting commands that are taught to you when you embark on this exciting journey- jump jumpback on jobboom boom which all will not only keep the raft moving but also facilitate team spirit and cooperation with lots of laughter.
Paddle forward again
Abang Helmy said that the best would be for the raft to capsize. As life-threatening that may sound, that is said to give the most fun. Our raft was undesirably 'obedient' that day. Abang Helmy said not all rafts are lucky enough turn over!
There is a cliff for you to throw yourself into the water
Midway, the herculean guides take a break by the river bank. That was the time when we took the opportunity to lunge ourselves into the water from a cliff of 2-3 meters- low enough for me to take the challenge and high enough for a shot of thrill. I launched myself twice! And, it felt as if I threw all the emotional baggage away too. It was truely liberating.
Team work
White water rafting is not all laborious. Yes, you may have to burn some calories paddling but do remember to take some time to appreciate its surrounding. Hear the water gurgle, spot birds and monkeys, take lungfuls of fresh air and just immerse in nature.
And the journey continues
The 2.5km expedition ended safely
Adeline Villa & Resthouse
Lot 13302, Mukim Teja, Kampung Geruntum, Sungai Itik 31600 Gopeng Perak
Tel: 05-3592833 or 019-5561113