Sunday, September 11, 2016

Paintball Thrill @ Gopeng

To those who recognize paintball as a heap of pain, like how yours truly once did, it is really not that bad. All you need is really just be more generous with your clothes and cover every inch of bare skin. Long trousers and long sleeves do go a long way. The fun and thrill is hands-down worth it, attested even by my sweat-averting friends.
My team for paintball
Gopeng is another haven for adventures and outdoor activities like paintball, white water rafting, kayaking, caving (Gua Tempurung) and ATV. If the city is treating you too harsh, consider a getaway at Adeline's Villa and Resthouse which is also an adventure hub that allows you to engage in all those activities under one roof.
To get to Adeline's place, we all have to be herded in a lorry
Adeline's place has a special way to make their visitors excited even before any adventure starts. To get to Adeline's place, we had to be herded in a lorry! Yeap you read it right. All of us stood in the back of the lorry just like cows! The route up the hill to the villas is a green and shady one. Just be forewarned about obstacles like hanging branches and fruits. Other than that, the lorry ride is truely one-of-a-kind.
Going up the hill in a lorry is a one-of-a-kind experience
Briefing before paintball. Be sure to adhere to all safety rules
Marshal showing the location of the flags that had to be snatched
My team leader (right) tossing the coin with another team leader
And we took the higher base
Prepping ourselves with our gears
Well protected this time
Team 'No Mercy' picture before battle field
Did you know that one of the best ways pretend you are in a movie, is to play the paintball. By doing that, you will not only find yourself in a set similar to that of Saving Private Ryan, you will also FEEL the characters and perhaps even BE the characters.
And the invasion of territories starts
Ducking behind barriers
Holding the marker and shooting gives a sense of seriousness in the game and of course surges of adrenaline. Team spirit automatically births in your heart. Not everyone will adopt bravery in the game but my gut swelled enough to pull the trigger like there was no tomorrow, accompanied by spirited screams under my mask (good stress reliever). And it is this game too that exposes what fear is like in a real war. Although a shot would just leave colour, I cannot stop imagining if those were real bullets! It was good cardio work out before I was marked on my head (luckily I was protected by my bandana) and had to leave the field.
Hey soldier!
Adeline's place not only offers exciting activities but also charming chalets for a getaway
The reception area of Adeline's place is all nature
Its restaurant is also nature themed 
Asam laksa freshly cooked
The outdoor setting calls for yummy food like satay
The buffet line at Adeline's place
At the open air restaurant
Washing your own dishes after meals
Adeline's place is surrounded by serenity and greenery. Its rustic and natural appeal is a balm to the soul. Every corner is an unwinding opportunity as it allows visitors to assimilate with nature.
Chalets at Adeline's place
Charming little huts
Surrounded by trees and plants
The garden perfect for a romantic stroll or bbq
A great place to recharge
Some huts come with hammocks for more chillaxing
Cozy corner for kids
Adeline Villa & Resthouse
Lot 13302, Mukim Teja, Kampung Geruntum, Sungai Itik 31600 Gopeng Perak
Tel: 05-3592833 or 019-5561113