Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ocean Seafood Restaurant @ Puchong

Ocean Seafood Restaurant strikes all three 'peng', 'leng', 'zheng' (平靚正,Cantonese for affordable and good). Ocean Seafood Restaurant's colourful menu caters for the upcoming Chinese New Year with creativity and quality. Their new scrumptious and auspicious Chinese dishes will definitely bring bliss not only in the tummy but also among family and friends this festive season.

Super meal for Chinese New Year!

It is the time of the year again for Yee Sang!
Fung Shan Shui Hei Seafood Yee Sang RM48.80
One of the highlights of Chinese New Year is of course to toss to prosperity! The higher the toss, the luckier! This colourful platter of Yee Sang comprises of delights like salmon, clam, baby octopus prawns and jelly fish. Bound by tangy plum sauce, this dish brings much happiness. Comes only in one size. 

3 Meat Crabs (M size) RM50
Salted Egg Crabs
Spicy Buttermilk Crabs
Steamed Crabs with Egg White
These triplets at RM50 is just the perfect thing to make the table merry. My favourite would be the Steamed Crabs with Egg White. Crab meat is fresh and springy. Slurping the juices of oceanic goodness that is infused with Chinese wine is just divine. Salted Egg Crabs are covered with lip-smacking sands of pounded salted egg yolks while the Spicy Buttermilk ones are fragrant with curry leaves.

The Steamed Crab with Egg White is also sister Evy's favourite
Seafood Pot in XO Sauce RM19.90
Seafood in XO gravy is a pot of goodies for 1 person. Those who like to share might think twice. The flavour from the seafood seeps into the broth for a slurping good enjoyment!

This pot is mine!
Roasted Duck and Tea Flavoured Chicken RM55.00
Chicken and Duck Talk 
This Chicken and Duck Talk gets people agreeing of their crispy skin and succulent meat. Both half birds are made differently. The chicken is fried in fragrant tea seasoning while the duck aromatic roasted duck skin cracks at every bite. A wondrous choice.

Parrot Fish in Buttermilk and XO sauce RM75
The Parrot Fish's meaty texture allows for great variety of cooking. Thus the restaurant serves a dish with two matching sauces as a favour to fickle eaters. An auspicious dish for the new year 'nian nian you yu'.

Yam Ring with Chicken Wings RM25.00
This Yam Ring is made 100% of yam goodness which makes it softer and packed with undiluted yam taste. Instead of vegetables in the middle, this dish is made special with chicken wings. 

Tom Yam prawns RM20
Tom Yam Prawns is one toothsome dish with thick gravy. Sweetness and sourness of the soup is just right making you want for more.

Clams (Lala) in Superior Soup RM18.00
Clams in Superior Soup sends you to La La land with its Chinese wine infused broth. The zest from ginger gives a subtle kick while the soup gets you slurping with fresh clam meat.

Spinach in Superior Soup RM12.00
Drink up some Superior Soup that is brimming with anchovy sweetness. Soft spinach, wolfberries and century eggs also contributes to the sweetness of the broth reeling us spoon by spoon.

Som Tam Sotong RM15.00
This tangy Som Tam Sotong make an interesting communal dish with tangy homemade kerabu Som Tam sauce.
Full attention on yummilicious food
Ocean Seafood Restaurant also fills up the tummy during lunch. Try out these value-for-money set lunches that comes with free herbal tea and soup-of-the-day
Value Set Lunch: Mongolia Prawn RM9.90
Value Set Lunch: Chicken Chop with Cheese RM8.90

Ocean Seafood Restaurant
21, Jalan Puteri 2/3, 
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong 

Opening hours
Opens 7 days a week (even during Chinese New Year!)

Tel: 012-220 8898/ 010-221 0188/ 016-245 1369