Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sungai Lopo Waterfall @ Hulu Langat Selangor

Sungai Lopo waterfall (or also known as Sg Lepoh) is one of Selangor's many gems. Its water is tinkling cool and crystal clear. Although still not a familiar name, its pristine beauty has attracted anincreasing number of visitors. As much as I would like to keep it that way so that it is not over populated, I cannot contain myself to show you how beautiful is this part of the world, right here in my kampung, Selangor.
Sungai Lopo waterfall is a beauty worth hiking for
To reach the Sungai Lopo waterfall, we had to hike for a while. The waterfall is situated approximately 500m above sea level. Higher than Broga Hill but not as steep. My mother and I did not know of the journey to reach the waterfall so we just tread on...and on...and on...for 1.5 hours! Do not be alarmed! For experienced hikers with trained stamina or if you come expecting a hike, you can do it in only 45 minutes. My dear mother, 62, is the greatest inspiration to the uninitiated . If an exercise- deprived senior can do it, there is no excuse that the others cannot! Great job Mummy!
Love little charity bridges like this
And...Mummy's adventure begins
Keep going, don't look back
The hike is definitely not without incentives. Other than the waterfall faithfully awaiting up there, the lush greenery and lungs of fresh air kept us going. The chirping of birds and insects, were just invigorating, disposing the sounds of traffic that pollute the city dwellers' ears.  Sweat is a symbol of nature doing its work to ward off sickness and aches only reminded us of what toned muscles we will gain after the whole adventure. Up, up, up we went practicing determination with every step we took.
Doing ok there mom? Ho yeah! 
Taking a breather midway
Thank you Abang Bard for taking care of us
For paramedic services, please refer to contact below

Roots that formed a stairway for hikers
We kept our ears peeled for the gurgling of brooks as dried leaves crackled under our shoes. Cool breeze is the harbinger of our targeted destination. "Sikit lagi, sikit lagi," motivated our paramedic, Abang Bard.

Mummy trod on
Before long... 'sikit lagi' quickly translated to SUDAH SAMPAI!!
Time to savour the lunch that we brought up
Wonders of nature
Mummy is totally absorbing the fresh air
Air terjun Sg Lopo is a choice for camping too
Accompanied by good old Maggi Mee and coffee.
Do remember to clean up after your picnic
That's a 360 somersault!
Beginning the journey down
Slow and steady there Mummy!
See if you can spot Sg Lopo's residents like the giant millipede
The rubber estate is a rare site for city dwellers
Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints!

A great adventure for the weekend!

For hiking guides, do contact 

GSA Event Management at 03-87370019 or 019-3808889 or visit them on FB at
Badrul Hisham at 017-6245344 (paramedic and hiker)