Thursday, May 18, 2017

Get in Shape with Jonlivia Slimming Shirt

I have a brand new dress which I am never quite excited about. For 2 years, it remained a virgin in my closet and never worn other than the time I tried it in the fitting room. The purchase was either due to the success of the deceiving fitting room mirror or I got lenient with my workout schedule.
The dress is a skin-toned, and made of the kind of fabric that will not let any curve out of sight. Sexy? Well not if there is no chance to hide those tummy bulges!
My 2 year-old virgin dress sitting in my closet
I decided that I have to put an end to the idleness of my dress by investing in Jonlivia's Slimming Shirt when I saw it on its website. I chose the nude over the black despite thinking the latter is alluring. Its shade of nude goes invisible under sheer clothing. However, the glimmer of the lace on the chest can be quite visible. If you choose the black shirt, it doubles up as a flirtatious camisole peeping from under a low cut top or dress.
Jonlivia Slimming Shirt has to be worn from the leg upwards
The effect is immediate. The moment I don on the shirt, my figure is compacted to shape. It is indeed a quick fix for times when I need a great during times when intervention of menstruation bloating cannot be avoided when I anticipate to wear a body con piece for a much awaited event.

I realized that is a great tool too to pack the body back into place after giving birth! Its breathable material makes it cooling to be worn for long hours. Wearing it regularly moulds your body to get in shape for real much quicker with regular exercise.

Features that I love about the Jonlivia Slimming Shirt are:

1.Strong stitches and reinforced joints make it stretchable and trustworthy (to not tear) 

2. Net yarn fabric makes the shirt breathable so that you don't feel like you have another layer underneath

3. Soft construction that it is not rigid like a corset. It takes shape of your natural figure while hiding unwanted bulges.

4. Wide shoulder strap gives great support to the shirt to hold the entire body. 
Reinforced sewing and breathable material using net yarn fabric
The shirt is a little high cut below the arms, the back and chest which is justifiable as support is needed to hold those flabs away from its original place. So just remember that you will need to do without the shirt or really train your suction skills if you are planning to wear something with extremely low cuts.
See the difference for yourself!

To order, go to 

Or, go to their physical store at 70A, B & C, Jalan SS2/67, 47300 Petaling Jaya.