Sunday, May 21, 2017

Porky Goodness at Morganfields @ Resorts World Genting

Just the sound of Morganfields make me salivate. Its famous pork ribs that need no touting can actually make me do anything to get a bite of it! Now, it has reached 6000 ft above sea level at Sky Avenue. Morganfields became my choice for Mother's Day lunch that that I am not dethroned as her favourite daughter. mom is very fair when it comes to her two daughters. Check out my Mother's Day celebration here.
Pork ribs for Mother's Day
Located at a spacious corner at the English Courtyard concourse, the spanking new outlet is adorned in Southern American spirit. Lit with scintillating bulbs hanging down from roofs that matches the wooden floor and casual furniture, the restaurant gives a rugged atmosphere. While waiting for food, there are plenty of photographs of celebrities who visited and catchy phrases on posters to keep you entertained.
Morganfields at Sky Avenue Genting
The American spirit of the restaurant 
The restaurant's bar
A casual and friendly approach
To whet our taste buds, mom sipped on a refreshing glass of Cucumber, Apple and Mint Sprits while I had to try their new mojito that comes with an assam boi (sour plum), lime chunks and mint leaves in a soda.
Mom sippinng on the refreshing Cucumber, Apple, Mint Spritz RM18.90 nett while I
am totally spruced up by my Sour Plum Mojito RM17.90 nett
Fourplay Appetizer Plate RM 55.90 nett
The Fourplay Appetizer plate...or tray...was generous with the four of their most delicious appetizers. Spicy chicken wings are glazed with sweet sauce and chilli while the russet potato is prepared with lots of cheese and bacon sprinkles. Dip those battered onion rings and tortilla into their creamy Crab and Spinach dip. However, a little caveat, this tray is meant to be shared. If not, there won't be space for the absolutely divine main course!
Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs RM 62.90 nett for half slab (pic) and RM106.90 for full slab
Our half slab has arrived and it got me clapping like a child. My mother baffled, I told her that this will definitely blow her away although she is a cook with high demands. The Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs is redolent of the aroma of garlic and thoroughly coated in Hickory BBQ sauce with a smokey undertone. Meat is tender and succulent enough to be torn from the rack with bare fingers. 

It is evident that they take marination seriously as the mouth-watering flavours penetrated deep into the bones. My mother caught me munching on the softbones to savour the unique flavour. All their ribs are slowly smoked with hickory wood to give the meat what Morganfields believes to be the best BBQ flavour. Served with crispy french fries and coleslaw.
Sizzling Pork Loin Chops RM39.90 nett. Only till 30th June 2017.
I was asking the manager to make the Sizzling Pork Loin Chop a permanent item on the menu. It is a waste that the juicy block of pork chop is only available until 30th June 2017. Laced with homemade mushroom brown sauce (another option is the homemade rosemary peppercorn sauce), the chop is empowered with flavours of mushroom with a tactful tangyness.
Mom and I dig in!
Feeding mom till she is full to her larynx
The impeccable service in this outlet must not be unmentioned. Service is always with a smile and no hands up are unnoticed. Comfortable is an understatement. Pampered is more like it. Also, if your electronic gadgets are low on battery, charge up with their portable power banks available.
If you are low on battery, charge up with their power banks at the comfort of your dining table FOC
Cannot contain the satisfaction
The day you are not satisfied with Morganfields, is the day pigs fly!
Now that's a guarantee Morganfields should keep up with!
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