Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sentosa Villa- A Hideaway to Relax the Body, Mind and Soul @ Taiping Perak

The moment I stepped into its gardens, I knew I entered a different realm. I promise that I nearly felt myself levitate as I exchanged the gas in my lungs with the pure fresh air from its surroundings. As I breathed in the antidote, the stress that weighed me down evaporated through my nostrils. Mother Nature, I have come home to you! This time, through Sentosa Villa, Taiping. 

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My perfect hideout
I reluctantly disclose my latest hideout. This is a paradise that can convert the coldest urbanite into a tree hugger. Sentosa Villa is the only resort in the area that has its own river that flows from Sungai Larut. Vitamins and supplements have to yield to its verdant landscapes that are so potent, you might just be cured of all your ailments. A little caveat: you might not want to go home!
Sentosa Villa, located just 500 m from Taiping Lake Garden
My family and I were getting a little cranky back at home due to stress from work, road traffic and most of all, humans. It was time we find for an escape from all the turmoil. From the many choices of getaways in Malaysia, the serene town of Taiping was our pick this time and Sentosa Villa was the remedy! Check out attractions of Taiping here.
Our family villa at RM338 (low season), RM378 (shoulder season) 
This place proffers the perfect excuse to keep wifi at bay. Here, expect to detox from anything high technology and just focus on enjoying the rudiments of life. The villa imbues a graceful character which is soft yet vigorously impressive.

Our abode that weekend was a duplex Family Villa which is seated in a spacious lush compound of the resort. There is ample parking space next to the villa and shaded by a canopy of trees.
Ample parking space
A detox from WIFI waves
Our Family Villa was a duplex unit fit for 4 persons with a king size bed downstairs and two single beds upstairs. Its wooden interior reflects a calm and cosy feeling that soothed every one the moment we stepped in. Warm lighting emanates from the lamps hung stylishly from the high ceiling.
Welcome to our duplex Family Villa!
Los of space for the whole family
Parents sleep downstairs tonight
Curtains were also promising privacy in the upper deck so that the sisters can gossip all night while the parents are in slumber. Timber tones and creative use of natural elements remind us that luxury in life does not come only in the form of diamond and gold but in a much rudimentary form. The vegetation outside the villas balcony is a definition of the real paradise instead of air conditioned shopping malls. Nature is now a rarity and we felt rich being embalmed by its fresh air, cool streams and extremely relaxing landscape.
While sister and I will be having a party upstairs
Cosy with curtains
The bathroom I would say is a stunner! A bath in the open is definitely the most liberating experience here. Let the stars in the sky illuminate your shower. Its spaciousness is a therapeutic set up. Guaranteed a stress-free time in here!
Check out the open air bathroom
The bathroom is roomy enough for a party
The dressing table is well lit. The hanger is creatively made of rope and stick.
The towel rack is cleverly and stylishly a ladder
Keep your valuables safe in the safety box provided
Unquantifiable bliss is just on the other side of the glass balcony door. Untainted air reaches your lungs at the twist of the balcony knob. My parents were in heaven with their cup of joe and legs on the rests. It did not matter to them anymore if my sister and I existed until meal time came! I felt the privilege of inhaling energizing oxygen generated from the stomas of plants all around.
Freshness of nature available just outside of our room when we step into the balcony
View from our balcony
Listen to the sounds of the river from the balcony
Green compound just outside our viilla
Fawning with Mother Nature
The only resort with its own river, branched from Sungai Larut itself
Perfect meditation hut. Non-guests can rent these huts for RM20 per hour.
In my humble opinion, the price is reasonable for a such astounding purity of nature
Every corner of this place offers a rustic and nostalgic background of how simple and happy things were before all the sophistication of technology and development. Its unsullied environment is priceless and all just waiting for your discovery. The price that we pay for the resort is totally under rated for the goodness we receive from nature. It is a blessing to be able to submerge in this precious environment. Mother Nature deserves to be repaid in our appreciation more than anything else.
Backpackers hut in the form of a stilted kampung house
Swings that bring you back in time of a grandma's house
Nature is preserved as much as possible at Villa Sentosa so that the best of nature can be enjoyed by guests
Don't dare to think of the animals that they used to trap last time
Look for some tortoise tranquility at tortoise pool
An environment peaceful enough to focus on your target
Swinging my stress away
Long walks and deep contemplation are great here
Many couples choose the environment here to immortalize their lifetime milestone.
The hotel allows non-guests to do photoshooting at R80 per day.
BBQ pit. Customers can choose packages that can serve up to 10 pax
Standard BBQ RM250, Seafoodholic RM300, Meat Lover RM280, Veggie Fans RM250
All packages come with charcoal, prepared food, dipping sauces, cutleries and serviettes 
The glowing resort in the evening
Time to rest in our comfortable villa
Night night while I enjoy my cosy slumber
Early morning coffee at the balcony surrounded by cool and dewy air
The breakfast terrace
Starting another wonderful day with a hearty breakfast
Available at only RM15 nett
Hanging out in a hammock after breakfast
The function hall for weddings, events and gatherings
Makes a perfect venue for garden wedding
The recreation room where ping pong, yoga and other activities are offered
My absolutely wonderful stay
Lots of photo opportunities with vintage props
Mummy at the airy lobby
From the Taiping Lake Gardens, the road leading to Sentosa Villa is clearly indicated
Sentosa Villa
Lot 4223 & 11840,
Jalan 8 Taman Sentosa,
3400 Taiping,
Perak Malaysia

Tel: 05-805 1000/ 013-593 1000
Fax: 05-805 1001

For reservation and more information, visit or email to