Saturday, June 10, 2017

Brunch at Level One Coffee House @ Glenmarie Shah Alam

What wakes me up on a Saturday morning is the thought of a delicious and hearty breakfast waiting for me. In cases I need to catch up on sleep after trudging through the week, brunch does the same magic too. And on my ongoing quest of searching for interesting brunches, I chanced upon this charming coffee house just recently birthed in Temasya Glenmarie Square, a newly developed area not too far way from Subang Jaya.
Check out this really cosy cafe, Level One Coffee House
Aptly called Level One, this cafe sits on the first floor of the corner shop just opposite the Lamborghini showroom. As it is one of the first eateries around this area, it is not difficult to spot this cosy corner. 
Located on the first level of the corner lot
This cafe captured my heart even before I tried their food. Their attention to details of their interior is already worth the visit. Welcomed by a wall of heart-warming quotes and lamps, my vibe for the weekend is already one level up! The cafe imbues a soothing environment with commendable cleanliness. Wait till you check out their chic displays and well-thought concepts to make their patrons feel at home.
Captivating quotes that will reel you in with positive vibes!
Ah relaxed while I order my brunch
The Swedish owner and his Malaysian wife cleverly blends different themes together in their fashionably high-ceiling space to cater to different moods and persona. Eclectic decoration peices coexist in the coffee house successfully creating a wonderful feast for guests' eyes. At one corner there is the Malaysian vintage display, in the other corner there is Scandinavian simplicity, and then English freshness with an Arabic lamp which all surprisingly comes together nicely!
Stylish section for gatherings and group meetings under the shade
Choose your corner of high seating, easy round tables or intimate booths
The displays will keep you fascinated while waiting for food.
Prettily decorated balcony is cooling even though its hot outside
Check out their meaning quotes all around the coffee house
Level One Coffee House places a lot of emphasis on the quality and type of coffee they brew. They take pride in their imported coffees which can satisfy not only coffee junkies but coffee connoisseurs alike- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Gourmet Coffee, Indian Monsoon Malabar and Suatra Mandheling.

For latte lovers, try their best seller Coconut Latte which is layered how people with OCD would love. Its aroma is pronounced and has the smoothness that my throat approves
Known for their commitment in food and coffee
If you like lattes like me, do sip on their best seller Coconut Latte
RM12 hot/ RM15 cold for gourmet blend, RM14 hot/ RM16 cold for single origin
Level One boasts a fantastic gamut of European breads. Aromatic and flavourful, these breads serve as a fulfilling meal as alternative to rice. Their breads are brought in fresh everyday and never older than a day. European breads are mostly sourdough which means they are left fermented for at least 36 hours. They are denser and heavier than our local loaves, making it sufficient for a meal. From the familiar croissant to the grainy Bavarian Spelt bread to the sweet nutty-flavoured poppy seed bun, Level One happily stuffs their bread with fresh vegetables and mouth-watering dressings for a balanced diet .
Enjoying my Pepper Seed Bun Chicken Peppercorn
3C (Carrot, celery cucumber) RM10
Comes with shrimp or tuna mayo
Oglio oglio Edamame is a flavourful and healthy snack that teases the tastebuds with its savoury hints RM8.00
Croissant beef salami RM16.00
Mixed salad with smoked fish (herring) and roasted sesame dressing RM12.00 medium (2-3 pax),
RM22 large (4-6 pax) and RM40.00 extra large (8-10 pax)
I must give credit to their mixed salad with smoked fish that comes with the incredibly palatable roasted sesame dressing.The scatter of alfalfa lifts the ordinary out of the salad. Anything that the dressing touches, instantly turns yummy. Herring fish is a favourite among Scandinavians which is sweet although some may find its oceanic taste a little too strong.
Ciabata smoked salmon RM24.00
Honey spelt beef cured RM18.00
Bavarian spelth chicken pastrami RM16.00
Poppy seed bun chicken peppercorn RM16.00
Ciabata Smoked Salmon RM24.00
Smoked Salmon Quiche RM28.00 (Saturday)
Their Smoked Salmon Quiche is the from the original recipe of their chef. Generously packed with ingredients, the quiche is a delicious composition of  smoked salmon, egg and vegetables which has a fluffy texture at the same time. Makes me wonder how she (the chef) could make the dish with so wonderfully balanced.
The generous range of sandwich selection
Level One's desserts are also not disappointing. Accompany your coffee with a slice of perfectly layered crepe cake which sweetness is just nice for a person who is careful about sugar levels like me. This Ramadan month, try their mocktails of the month. I recommend the Kurma Murma which has a fun granular texture with calming date fruit taste. 
Delectable crepe and carrot walnut cakes 
Mocktails of the month
From left: Snowy Mango RM12.00, Waka Waka Mint Tea RM12.00, Lychee Ice Tea RM12.00 , Kurma Murma RM15.00
Freshly baked bread at Level One Coffee House
Level One Coffee House
No. 1, First Floor,
Jalan Penguasa AU1/ 53 A
Temasya Glenmarie Square,
Seksyen U1, 40150
Shah Alam

Opening hours 8.30am-6.00pm (Monday- Saturday)

Tel: 03-55692161