Thursday, June 29, 2017

Getting My Sexy Back with Premier Clilnic @ TTDI

Tired, dissapointed and nearly giving up.  I have been carrying a burden on my back for a long time. For many years, I have been looking for a trustworthy healer to resolve my misery. Scar creams, whitening solutions and such have just been money drainers. I then realized that only aesthetic treatment can cure the pigmentation on my back which has been taking toll on the way I dress and my confidence.
Excited for my treatment at Premier Clinic
Searching for good aesthetic treatment prods me to do research before I engage the suitable institution.

My considerations are:

1. Certified and authorized aesthetic physician
It is important that diagnosis is done by certified aesthetic doctors as treatment involves the health of the skin, the human's largest organ. Aesthetic boutiques which only assign beauticians to definitely do not gain my trust. 

2. Professionalism and expertise 
After making sure that I am engaging a proper and legitimate clinic, its professionalism and expertise is also crucial. Centers who pressure customers to walk out with products or packages have me fleeing before they can say goodbye. I would hands down vouch for sincere service.

3. Affordability
Price is something that is undeniably influential in my (and many people's) decision to engage a clinic. If I had to sell a kidney to get the treatment, I would have to leave the spots on my back. However, I would would be suspicious of dodgily underpriced treatments as technology is, a matter of fact, costly.
With Dr Nigel Ong
When I entered Premier Clinic, I felt I have entered a down-to-earth medical establishment. The environment was clean and organized with no overly pretentious display which suggests that the team is more invested in the results to prove their brand. I was amicably ushered into the doctor's consultation room soon after registration.
Dr Nigel Ong, explaining in detail what is Post Inflamatory Inflation (PIH)
Dr. Nigel Ong was all smiles throughout consultation and made sure that I understood everything from the cause of my problem to its solution. After just a few sentences into the consultation, I was relieved to hear that my condition is easily treatable. Dr. Nigel assured me that it was easy to treat the pigmentation and in no time, I will be having a smooth back. 

What I like about Premier Clinic:

1. Professional and trustworthy doctors
My consultant was honest and sincere to bring the best out in me. They are professional in every way from inspection, to treatment to understanding my misery. I also have to say good job to Premier Clinic for making their website very user friendly and comprehensive. There was no 'luring' of customers the devious way. Everything I needed to know was displayed clearly for my informed decision.

2. Cutting edge machines
The machine used to treat my skin is one of the many latest equipment invested by the clinic to address almost any imperfection! The up-to-date machines indeed gave me confidence that their treatment is a result of stringent research.

3. Friendly staff and great service and no touting
Indeed their staff are always wearing a smile and accommodating demeanor. Most importantly, they did not pressure me into purchasing products or services. It was like having people who sincerely wanted me to be more beautiful.

4. Affordability
It was a pleasant surprise that these treatments are not impossible for me. I was expecting a starling celebrity price tag. All prices are transparently displayed on their website which makes me more comfortable in making plans and decisions.
Dr Nigel was very understanding during the consultation and assured me that my situation is treatable
At the base level of the most surface layer of the skin, epidermis, is where melanin is produced. Pigmentation occurs when more melanin are produced in one area of the skin. 

This extra production of melanin is triggered by:
1. Hormonal change (beware during pregnancy)
2. UV because melanin is produced to protect the skin (that's why we have to avoid the sun) 
3. Injury (in my case, acne!)
Dr. Nigel prescribing my treatment, the Q-Switch laser
Dr. Nigel prescribed the Q-switch laser which emits high energy light towards the affected area, reducing unwanted skin cells. The laser penetrates deeply without injuring the top layer of skin and encourages production of collagen and vital proteins. The Q-switch laser is very versatile and used for age spots, birthmarks, dull skin, skin whitening and even tattoo removal.
Just the beauty antidote I need in my life!
Treatment room
After consultation, I jumped straight into the patient's gown and laid on my stomach where the nurse thoughtfully adjusted the air conditioning temperature to my liking. The laser treatment only takes 15 painless minutes and 30 minutes of numbing with cream before that. Efficient and fuss free! After the treatment, I walked away without any downtime (no recovery period).
Numbing cream applied on my back

Laser work in progress

Premier Clinic's investment in the latest cutting edge laser machines

There is nearly nothing that you cannot correct in Premier Clinic! 
They are confident in providing a plethora of aesthetic services. Just take a look at their website and choose your pick from the menu

It gives me an opportunity to invest in myself worry-free and at an affordable price. I'll definitely be back to reward myself more!
Premier Clinic reception
Booked parking specially for customers
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