Thursday, April 19, 2018

Creamy Durian Seafood and Golden Salted Egg Sauce at Just Seafood

Durian and seafood. What is Just Seafood thinking?!! Whatever made them risk it to put it in their menu is...brilliant! The sound of the pairing might leave your hair standing on ends (happened to me at least) but it could be something that you'd be glad you ordered- only under the condition that you LOVE durians. If not, stay away and save the displeasure. Check out my previous visit here.
What is Just Seafood up to this time
The one and only Just Seafood at Sunway Giza
Since the Creamy Durian Seafood can very well sit in the bizarre category, do give it a chance when you smell the aroma. Let the waiter pour it on the table for you and allow it to breathe before you judge.
Creamy Durian Seafood coming right up!
I must say that if I were to appoint a master of cream conundrums, I would drag the chef out of Just Seafood's kitchen. The secret to the fruition the Creamy Durian sauce is as easy as a good balance between cream, milk, cheese, black pepper and of course durian. But it is THE balance that makes it the indelible impression!
The 8-person spread
Mud crabs, prawns and Chilean clams
There was a sense of disbelief when I had my first taste of Creamy Durian. I did not think it was possible for the best of two worlds to co-exist so harmoniously in the same dish. When my taste buds recognized my favourite fruit in the form of a sauce, the warmth was as good as meeting a good old friend! The sauce cleverly compliments the seafood although from another realm. Get ready to be nuanced by sweetness and creaminess among the savouriness of the smooth pale yellow sauce.

Surprisingly too, the strong-smelling ingredient did not overpower the taste of seafood. The durian flavour dissipated while I shelled my seafood letting the freshness of the crustaceans emerge when I popped them in my mouth. I don't know how the chef does it but the whole experience was phenomenal and recommended!
Don't forget to wipe the table with those fried mantaos
Dad approves
The refreshing pandan lemongrass is strongly recommended when having seafood
While sipping on some refreshing pandan lemongrass to clean the palate, the fashionable Golden Salted Egg Seafood was waiting. Although I admit that salted egg yolks holds much yumminess on its own, Just Seafood managed to accentuate it with milk and spices. The grainy sauce is appetizing and sure to capture hearts- it's the salted egg yolk for goodness sake!
Golden salted egg
Look at that delicious hue
Too engrossed
Look at that chunk of meat!
Happiness in a shell
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Just Seafood
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47810 Petaling Jaya 
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