Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lee Kum Kee Vouches for Aspriring Chefs in Malaysia on Its 130th Anniversary

If not for Lee Kum Sheung's forgetfulness 130 years ago, Chinese cooking would not be what it is today. Lee, a tea seller who happened to also sell oysters, accidentally left his pot of oysters unattended until he smelled a strong aroma. By a stroke of luck, he returned at the right time to find that the supposedly clear soup has turned into delicious thick brownish sauce. [1] And that is how oyster sauce is discovered!
I have consumed oyster sauce my whole life
It is hard to not find a Lee Kum Kee product in Malaysian households. May it be its flagship oyster sauce or soy sauce, Lee Kum Kee has been flavouring dishes for generations! As far as I remember, I have had Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce in my fridge all my life! Whether it is to enhance a serious festive dish or to just make plain rice instantly appetizing, oyster sauce is always reliable, don't you agree?
The  range of Lee Kum Kee products
Lee Kum Kee's flagship products, the oyster sauce and soy sauce
In furthering its efforts to promote and celebrate Chinese culinary culture in South East Asia, Lee Kum Kee introduced its inaugural Hope as Chef Programme in Malaysia. Through the scholarship programme, the brand hopes to hatch new generation of young professional chefs to augment the Chinese cooking scene to professional levels worldwide.
Dishes created by students of KUSU students
The Hope as Chef Programme will help seal a partnership with the Malaysia Selangor and Federal Territory Ku Su Shin Choong Hung Restaurant Association (KUSU), a reputable professional Chinese cuisine chef training center in Malaysia.
Chinese cuisine has needs art and skill
KUSU chef students
Partnership between Lee Kum Kee and KUSU
Lee Kum Kee will be awarding over RM250,000 to 13 outstanding students of KUSU Chef Training Programme, supporting their 8-month culinary training leading to the completion of their diplomas.
Aspiring chefs receiving scholarships
Cooking class by KUSU's master chef
Learning how to make Chinese dumplings
Dexterity is important
A student chef showing me how it is done
Tadaa! Looks like the ones sold in dimsum shop?
Even prouder when I get to savour it
Scrumptious spread by students of KUSU
Salted egg fish skin! My favourite

For more information, visit https://malaysia.lkk.com/my/en/kitchen/ and http://www.kusu.com.my

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oyster_sauce