Friday, November 13, 2015

Italgelato @ Resorts World Genting

No matter how much I say I am on a diet, I cannot say no to ice-cream. The magic of the cone makes you happy like a kid again. I knew I was going to have a delightful trip when I saw the gelato parlour at the lobby of First World Hotel in Genting. I promised myself (or rather, make my boyfriend promise) that we must share a gelato moment that weekend. 
Genting's own brand of gelato Italgelato

Resorts World Genting is the only resort producing an in-house ice-cream brand. Only found in the highlands, Italgelato blends lots of character in their dessert that not many know of. It started when Genting was searching for concepts for their new themepark. Ice-cream is a must and a small stall was set up for fun. Now, there are 4 parlours and growing.
I knew I was going to have a wonderful time
The base ingredients are of premium quality and imported directly from Italy. Italgelato's products are artisan produced, wholly homemade and artfully garnished by their own chefs. There is no added colour, preservatives and additives. Everyday, Italgelato churns out fresh gelato that brings pleasure to gelato lovers.
Chef demonstrating how gelato is made with the specially imported Italian machine
What is gelato? I used to think of it as a more atas ice-cream! Well, to be more correct, it is a healthier ice-cream. The Italian method of making ice-cream has its specialty.

Fat - Gelato has not more than 26% fat while ice-cream has up to 50% fat. 
So gelato has 1/2 the fat ice-cream has! What diet again? Go all out with the dessert without the expense of the waistline.
Air -  Gelato is denser with 25-30% air while ice-cream is fluffier with more than 50% air
No wonder I feel that ice-cream feels like foam when I scoop it out of the tub. So I am licking only 1/2 the amount of goody that I am supposed to!
Serving temperature - Gelato is served at -5oC to -10oC while ice-cream is served at -18oC. 
Do you feel the pang when biting into a scoop of ice-cream? Gelato is more soothing to the mouth. Thus, allowing more body to be felt in every scoop. 

Orange Cheesecake flavour being one of their signature flavours
Italgelato gives a whole new meaning to freshness

Italgelato offers gelato in various forms. Choose the stick gelato if you like your ice-cream the casual way. The delicious coatings on top not only delays the melting, it also adds interesting crisp to every bite.
Stick Gelato RM9.50
Dipping my own gelato stick with coloured coatings
Tadaa! E-Wen designed strawberry, hazelnut, chocolate and nuts gelato on a stick!
Golf ball sized gelato with nuts or coloured rice aptly named Minou at RM7.50 each

Consume your gelato in cup form if you like it convenient and fuss-free. Contain more gelato in different flavours too and shovel them into your mouth with a mini-spoon.
It is not just mango. It's Alfonso Mango (King of Mango) from Pakistan
The purity of flavours at Italgelato is one thing that I have to praise. Every flavour is very distinct. The Alfonso Mango Sorbet for example, is so aromatic with mango that it was close to eating the mango itself. Chocolate was very rich and I could feel the generosity in ingredients. Coffee was very coffee and strawberry was very strawberry.
Cup of 100g (1 flavour) RM9.50
200g (2 flavours) RM19.00
300g (3 flavours) RM28.50
400g (4 flavours) RM38.00

Sometimes you get dizzy from having so many flavours to choose from. All are equally attractive and pretty! Their signature flavours are the Arancia Cheese Cake (orange cheesecake flavour) and Alfonso Mango Sorbet. The cheese is very pronounced and yet not too overpowering while the orange gives it a refreshing twist. This is not a regular flavour you can find at ice-cream parlours.
Just look at the delightful colours and flavours

If you like your ice-cream in the traditional cone, there are many sizes for you to choose from. Try the mini ones if you are fickle about the flavours or cannot commit a whole big scoop to one flavour.
If you cannot decide, go for all!
I recommend this as the fun of popping different flavours in your mouth is delirious!

The Biscotto alla Cioccolato (Peanut and Chocolate) is to die for! Red Velvet is their newest flavour and will certainly not let you down. Try the Straciatella (Cream and Chocolate) for a classic and dreamy indulgence.
A tray of 8 mini cones RM20.00(non-members) RM18.00 (members)
12 mini cones RM26.00 (non-members) RM24.00 (members)
Cones are an important part of the ice-cream anatomy
There is the mini, regular and large sized cone to choose from (they call their large cone 'medium')
If mini is not your game, try the large ones. The cones which they call 'medium' are not your ordinary waffles. They come in different tastes and colours which multiplies the fun! There are the rose, macha (green tea), charcoal and chocolate flavours.

Medium cone in rose, macha, charcoal and chocolate
2 flavours at RM20.00 (non-members) RM18.00 (members)
It is not necessary to get warm food all the time when you are in a cold place. The next time you go to Genting, help yourself to some chilling bliss!

Italgelato opens from 10am to 10pm near the Lobby Cafe. 
For more information, please call +03-2718 1118 or visit