Sunday, November 15, 2015

Snow World @ Resorts World Genting

Having traveled many cold countries, I thought I was seasoned enough to take on Snow World at Resorts World Genting but this winter wonderland surprised me with a memorable experience. I never thought that being in a large freezer could be so enjoyable. 
Inside Snow World Genting

Snow World gave us a chance to experience what -5ofeels like. The temperature was enough to extinguish the heat of stress. 
Temperature at -5C

The price paid at the counter is a one time payment which includes jackets, boots and gloves- a very reasonable deal for the pleasure and fun that you will receive. The apparels were well maintained and there was no odour found. Be careful though, as the boots might not be thick enough to warm your feet. Do bring a thick pair of socks and wear thick pants eg jeans. It will be slippery when walking on ice but it all means more adventure! 
The neat dress-up counter

If you are worried of your belongings being a burden while you are playing in the cold, there are plenty of lockers to keep your properties safe. Cameras and handphones are not allowed in Snow World and there is nothing for you to buy inside the freezer. You will have to stash them away together with your cash for a more carefree spin! Cameras and handphones will end up being wet due to condensation if you bring them in anyway.
Plenty of lockers so that you can play worry free
Halloween fun in Snow World

The moment I stepped in Snow World, there was no hint of me being an adult. It was the last day of the Halloween set up in Snow World and we managed to capture them! Wait up for the Christmas decoration. I am sure it will be a magical scene. If you think 1/2 hour is depriving you of the value of your money (like what I initially thought), be assured that it is adequately enough. Any longer, you will be screaming to get out because of the intense cold. 
Pumpkins for Halloween

I went between pumpkins and took shelter in igloos. We posed with the penguins and frolicked with the spiders. The street lights and wall designs that mimicked shops resembled an evening in "Europe". Having been in Europe, this stretch of street in Snow World could be passable as the real thing.
A real igloo
Wall deco simulating streets in Europe
Wait a minute...I AM in Europe

Imagine Swiss Alps for a moment with firs and castles. Let the chill sting and the cold numb you and then warm it up with a hug from your friend or loved one. There are not many places in Malaysia that you can freeze in (other than in KL offices) so take your time to absorb the extraordinary surrounding and launch your travel imagination so that your dream will come true (power of attraction)!
I'd like to believe that I am in the Swiss Alps
At the snow monster castle
Cannot get enough of the cold

For years I have been peeping into Snow World from outside like these people. Now that I am finally inside, this is what it looks like. I unconsciously smiled and frisked around as encouragement for them to come and try it for themselves. No wonder the people inside always look so happy.
Hello people! So this is what it looks like from inside. 

Back to the freezing fun, there are sleighs for you to play with. Skid with your friends as you laugh out loud. A simple toy like this will make even the Christmas Grinch joyful. Remember to grab a tube for a snow slide. My eyes were perpetually reduced to a slit for chugging my lungs out.
Never too old for snow slides
Down the slide!

If you feel the cold is beyond what you can take, you can always come out to take a breather before you continue the fun. However, some advised against it as the changing temperature might not be healthy. After you are done, make yourself comfortable with the drying facilities and clean restrooms thoughtfully available outside the wonderland.
Drying facilities
Now waiting for the Christmas deco to be up for the real Winter Wonderland!

Ticket rates per 1/2 hour visit:
Adult/ Teen RM31.80 (non-member) RM28.60 (member)
Child/ Senior Citizen RM26.50 (non-member) RM23.90 (member)
Family Package RM106.00 (one price)

Told you it is affordable!