Friday, November 20, 2015

Mani, Pedi and Party @ Mojo Nail Cafe SS2

Hey girl friends! I bring good news. I found the perfect place to have a ladies party! Mojo Nail Cafe is a hybrid of a nail parlour and a cafe- how unusual is that! Cafe culture is trending and each cafe has their specialty to brag about. This one capitalizes on the functionality of their cafe, combining one of female's most adored art with the Malaysian widespread yumcha culture. The intrigued me paid a visit to find out how does this symbiosis work.

Mojo Nail Cafe

Although located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, this cafe remains hidden to many. Yours truly for example, has just made this discovery recently despite living in the city all her life. 
Although situated in a strategic place, this place is still hidden to many

The nail parlour section is comfortable and hygienic. Chairs are a pleasure to sink your behinds in. There is also a sofa that caters for customers who cannot part with their sister or bff.
Comfy and clean setting at the nail parlour

The cafe, seamlessly adjacent to the parlour, is spacious and cosy at the same time. I would feel at-home having a drink here either during my me time or with friends. The atmosphere is welcoming with chic interior and warm lighting.
Chic interior
Cosy corners
Food offered here is pretty basic. Spaghetti, nuggets, chicken cocktail and french fries are at RM6 to RM12. Desserts available are waffles and ice-cream at RM12 and RM5 respectively. Beverages are priced from RM5.00- RM9.00 with the regular selection of coffee, tea, juice and soft drinks.
The pantry
Waiting for my turn

Coming to the highlight of my visit, my pedicure started with a foot scrub. It always feels good when my feet who trod miles and miles for me get pampered. It's the way I say thank you for taking me places! Nail filing and buffering was clean and neat.
Foot scrub
Now this is the time when cafe comes useful. Plug points, wifi and a drink are all available concurrently while the manicurist is giving your toes a make over. Embrace endless facebooking while you ensconce on the chair.
Pedicure in progress while I have a drink

I am happy with the pedicure I got. The shape of the toe nails were even and the length was adequate for the right amount of polish to be applied. I chose the normal nail polish laced with a base coat and veneered with a top coat. I chose bright shimmering pink as somehow, the colour manages to make my skin a shade fairer every time.
Pretty in pink! My feet make over
For my fingers, I prefer the gel polish so that I can still do my laundry while having pretty nails. I like round nails instead of square with which I choose to believe that I am more demure. Since Christmas is coming and the rainy days inspires the winter mood, I decided to get something that resembles the sparkling snowflakes. I intend to keep it simple but yet attractive at the same time. Like in most nail parlours, nail art can be custom-drawn.
Ladies cannot resist a sight like this
Gel manicure
The manicurist here is from Thailand and I must say has quite a deft hand. Equipments used are of standard and most importantly, I did enjoy my mani pedi. Good music was played and it coaxed my liking for the nail parlour.
 A little scrub for my delicate hands after my polish
Tadaa! I agreed to a purple gradient sparkling polish that makes my finger tips bright as though I have fairy dust. The gradient will make the design last longer as unsightly edges of the polish is less obvious when the nail grows. Also, it is less showy when I wear them to the office. I hear tinkling of magic every time I lift my fingers now!
Tadaa! Winter and Chirstmas glitter with a gradient
Manicure and pedicure prices are:

Gel manicure RM 79.00
Gel pedicure RM 89.00
Nail art price is subject to design. 

Spa manicure RM 85.00
Spa pedicure RM 95.00
(Spa includes scrub, mask, trimming and cleaning)

Normal nail polish with base coat and top coat RM 45.00

Starting the winter and Christmas mood already
Ever ready props at the entrance
This place is great for female events that feature manicure and pedicure as their treat. Special catering will be done for food. There is ample space for party and packages provided come with unlimited nail service for guests! Bachelorette party, sweet 16 birthdays or just an old schoolmates gathering are some of the events that would be relevant at the Mojo Nail Cafe.

Party packages:

Gold Package
- 3 hour lunch party
- unlimited nail service
- lunch buffet for 30 pax
- free flow of drinks

Platinum Package
- 4 hour lunch party
- unlimited nail service
- lunch buffet for 50 pax
- free flow of drinks
- party decoration
- free birthday cake

Diamond Package
- 5 hour dinner party
- unlimited nail service
- dinner buffet for 50 pax
- free flow of drinks
- party decoration
- free birthday cake
- cupcake and candies
- 72 cans of Heineken
Glitter that runs across my keyboard when I work. Not so boring anymore!
If you are wondering if this place is more nail parlour or more cafe, turns out, this place is more nail parlour to me. The cafe compliments the nail parlour well as it makes it more facilitated. My visit would be more for their nail service than coffee. But having said that, having a catch-up session with a friend or establishing my lappy for work at the half cafe with stable wifi is not a bad idea too.

Mojo Nail Cafe
105 First Floor,
Jalan SS2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 017-288 3180