Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Night Life at The Cloud 9 Bar @ Resorts World Genting

In Genting, the city never sleeps. Being an entertainment hub, Resorts World Genting is never short of night life. It is not the matter of whether Genting can provide, it is the matter of how much can you take. The next time you are searching for a speakeasy that can rock your night, try The Cloud 9 Bar. 
Cloud 9 Bar @ Resorts World Genting

My friends and I decided to let our hair down after a long week with some music and booze. Some flirty dress and heels could do the therapy too. Coincidentally, the bar was still in Halloween theme which added more flavour to our trip there.

The bar is uniquely split into 2 sections- one section which gives full permission to revel and dance while the other is more mellow with opportunities for games and chat. We lounged at the more happening area with our drinks while imbibing the the music. The atmosphere was tuned to the pulse of the live band with notes of English and Mandarin selections.

Live band backdropped by football broadcast

Cloud 9 exudes a more friendly and unpretentious character than other bars that I have been. Although casual, the bar was adequate in hyping up the party. Dance floor was wherever we stood...and sat. Ofcourse, there was nothing more uplifting than a good toast with friends swathed by unlimited music.
Cheeeeerrss! There is nothing more uplifting than a good toast
Enjoying the night with friends

There was no use taming our wild side as Cloud 9 was literally bringing out the devil in us. Halloween face painting added character to our happy hours at the bar.
Halloween make up booth
My share of fun for the Halloween

The quiet section too has its charm. Chatting was more possible in this area and perfect for private conversations without losing the happening atmosphere. Lit in purple, the booths are chic and isolated by sexy bead curtains.
The bar
The more peaceful area allows chatting

This bar is facilitated with a pool table for those who like some competitive pleasure and darts to give enthusiastic shooters some practice. This place is prepared for you to have fun and unwind before you go back to the battle field in the hot city.
Be competitive with pool
Score with some darts
Back to the room where music is pumped incessantly, dancers came out from their hiding to encourage the rest to get their booties shaking a little more. 
Party and dance
Dancing is not all there was to do that night. My friends and I were engaged in a few rounds of classic hand games that will never go out of fashion when around booze. 
Hand games are always a great way to spend the night
Cloud 9 menu and price
Enjoyment can come in a form of observing human demeanor on the dance floor and getting the mouth moving instead of the feet. To the uninitiated, just sit back and relax over a bucket of chicken wings or a tray of tacos.
Chicken wings
Be in the buzz in Genting by being at The Cloud 9 bar. It is a place that satisfies the passion for night life. While I do not encourage getting drunk, a hang out in a bar uphill can be a reminder to self to take it easy in life.
The group that revelled the night with me
Operating hours:

Monday to Thursday 
5:00pm to 3:00am

Friday and eve of public holiday
5:00pm to 5:00am

12:00pm to 5:00am

Sunday and public holiday
12:00pm to 3:00am