Sunday, November 1, 2015

La Marche Semi-Buffet Dinner @ Checkers Cafe Dorsett Kuala Lumpur

My friends and I decided to meet up for dinner for a celebration. We decided to try a semi-buffet dinner. Hold a sec...a semi-buffet dinner? Does it mean I only get to eat only half of the food? I am being ridiculous. Dorsett Hospitality would never allow that. Checkers Cafe at Dorsett Kuala Lumpur offers a generous spread of good food that is only meant to be supplementary to your main course! As if that is not enough, Checkers Cafe now comes up with another scrumptious burger deal that gives you all the reasons to come over. Scroll down to see what we tried.

La Marche Semi-Buffet Dinner
Checkers Cafe @ Dorsett Kuala Lumpur
Welcome drink

The choices of food displayed qualifies it as an adequate buffet, not a semi. In the salad section, there is rojak for you to mix by yourself. There is no lack of interesting appetizers and cold dishes for you to initiate your meal with. 
Cold dishes

For sushi lovers, the sushi corner will please you. Sashimi is not available though, but fresh oysters and scallop will keep you sated.
Sushi Corner
Fresh Oysters
There are three dishes in the buffet line for those who needs to anchor their tummy with more substance. These three were lined up beside white rice. I must say that they taste home-cooked that gives a comforting and trustworthy option. 
Braised Chicken with Soya Sauce
Fish Curry
Braised Beancurd with Taukan

Gourmet selection to follow, customers can choose one main dish from the menu that can make you fickle. I chose the Flat Iron Steak with Vegetables done medium rare. That piece of meat was succulent and tender that made me quiet with appreciation. The seafood pasta is also a great choice as it is redolent of crab meat. The portion, however, was a little too glutting for one person. You might want to consider sharing it.
Main course menu
Flat Iron Steak with Vegetables
I chose it to be done medium rare and look at that beautiful red colour
Duck Breast al Orange
Char Grilled Beef Steak With Granola Mustard and Ribbon Vegetables
Butter Fish Fillet with Tea and Ginger Beurre Blanc and Crustacean Bisque
Crab and Seafood Open Face Lasagna with Garlic Basil Sauce
Freshly cut fruits
The dessert corner offers delightful sweets
Cheers to Jian Goh's release of Once Upon a Miao in a private room

So much food and satisfaction at the Ala Marche Semi-Buffet Dinner for only RM70nett!
Totally reasonable especially for those who are searching for a classy yet affordable place for a celebration.

The buffet is not all. The restaurant also welcomes you if you are there for their big boys- Checker's Wholesome Burgers. Just so that you are not confused, the burgers are not from the Ala Marche Semi-buffet and are priced separately. 

From now till 28th November, if you snap a photo of the burger that you order and share it via instagram with the hashtags #dorsetkl and #wholesomeburgers, you will get one more burger absolutely free! I'll let you do the math yourself. The deal is definitely worthwhile as premium burgers worth a hefty sum nowadays.

These home made burgers are bulky with quality ingredients that ensures that the burger is all you need for the meal. Each burger comes with fries that are so thick that they are sure to ward off any hunger for the next couple of hours. 
From left: The Old School (beef) RM30.50 nett,
The Farm House (RM35.50 nett), The Old School (chicken) RM30.50 nett
The Old School comes with beef or chicken patty, tastefully seasoned and reinforced with a sunny side up! Egg is champion to me. I indulged in every bit especially when it comes to the silky yolk! Beef lovers should dig in the Farm House that has buns sandwiching a whole piece of beef steak chargrilled the way you want it.
From left: The Classic RM33.50 nett,
Dorsett Fish Burger RM30.50 nett and The Dorsett Sliders RM28.50 nett for 3 mini burgers
The Classic honestly satisfies with the classic chicken patty, piled under beef bacon. Every bite verifies the authenticity of how a burger should be made the old-fashioned way. Dorsett understands how fish is made more enjoyable between two soft sesame buns with its Fish Burger. Fish is fresh and irresistible with tartar sauce. Mini Sliders are baby burgers in beef or chicken that are so cute. They are perfect for small eaters. Although they are less in size they are still large in taste!

Dorsett Hospitality wins our hearts again. A special cake and group singing for the celebrated one!

For more information or reservation
Checkers Café
Dorsett Kuala Lumpur 
172 Jalan Imbi, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-27161000