Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bubbles and Bites @ Resorts World Genting

You have no idea what is hidden behind the humble looking Bubbles & Bites. Located on the second floor of Maxims in the heart of Resorts World Genting, this Scrabble-themed restaurant seems like a normal eatery but you will surprised that it is not as ordinary as you think it is.

Bubble and bites restaurant at Resorts World Genting
Bubbles & Bites blends a lot of expertise into their food. Pasta is one of their pride. They are undaunted when it comes to pasta quality as everything is self-made from scratch. I witnessed with amazement how Chef Khairul Azhar transformed modest flour and eggs into a plate of mouth-watering dish.
Chef Khairul Azhar making pasta from scratch
Looks like how they do the pan mee
Churning out pasta tagliatelle

There is something that I must mention about Bubbles & Bite's pasta. I am not a pasta fan as I always find them pasty and sometimes rubbery. But this restaurant's pasta made me go for doubles. They redefined al-dente with its springy strands. Every bite was firm, allowing my teeth to sink in enough before they neatly break off.

Pasta Carbonara & Crispy Lamb Denver RM26.00 (member) RM29.00 (non-member)
Pasta Carbonara's sauce was creamy and yet not too thick. The flavour lightly lingered in my throat without an overpowering milky aftertaste like some carbonaras give. Sprinkles of lamb bits added delightful variations of texture to the dish. This is, however, is the dish to appreciate its pasta, not the lamb. Wait till we come to the Lamb Shank.

Al-Dente Squid Ink Pasta cooked with seafood, garlic and tomato base
RM31.00 (member) RM34.00 (non-member)
The piquancy of this pasta's tomato base is just right to lure you mouthful after mouthful. Sweet, sour and salty were balanced faultlessly. With seafood accompanying, this will make a wonderful choice. 

Hand-pressed pizza base
Another specialty of Bubbles and Bites is their pizza. The simple preference to hand-press their dough instead of pin-rolling them makes a difference that will go a long way. By hand, the crust accommodates more air pockets to allow the base to balloon into a crispier indulgence.
Chef Khairul shoveling the pasta into the oven
Carbonara Pizza RM33.00 (member) RM36.00 (non-member)
The Carbonarra Pizza is done the authentic Italian way. No cream base is used. The straight forward collaboration between cheese and eggs is suffice to keep your eyes closed with satisfaction. 

Pesto Di Basilico RM38.00 (member) RM41.00 (non-member)
Pesto Di Basilico highlights the tangy pesto sauce with bites of prawns and hints of almond. 

Italian Buffalo Margherita Pizza RM55.00 (member) RM58.00 (non-member)
Th Buffalo Margherita Pizza shows off the use of juicy buffalo cheese, enhanced with fresh basil and dry oregano.

Relaxing and casual ambience
8 Hours Slow Braised Lamb Shank RM38.00 (member) RM42.00 (non-member)
The Slow Braised Lamb Shank made such an impression that I did not care if my boyfriend had enough share hehe... The brilliance of producing such tender meat that would fall off the bone at the touch of the spoon cannot be ignored. The sauce intensified the gamy lamb and made the cous cous irresistible. If there was one dish to be chosen from the menu, I vote for this one!

Ethiopian Chicken RM28.00 (member) RM31.00 (non-member)
Embark on an African journey with Ethiopian Chicken. Enjoy chicken slow braised in aromatic herbs and spices with pita bread and a tad of refreshing sour cream.

All day breakfast in a skillet
Bud Spencer Breakfast RM30.00 (member) RM33.00 (non-member)
Eat like a cowboy with Bubble & Bites' all day breakfast served stylishly in a pan. This dish felt a little heavy for me. Wild Wild West inspired, cheesy corned beef is adapted with potatoes, perfected with sunny side up and flooded with thick gravy.

Our Simply Fresh Hamburger RM28.00 (member) RM31.00 (non-member)
The Simply Fresh Hamburger is cleverly innovated with Wagyu lard introduced into the freshly ground beef creating that succulent and smooth texture. The burger is bulked up with the usual gherkins, half-burnt onions between 2 soft buns.

Peri-peri Chicken Wings RM23.00 (member) RM26.00 (non-member)
Don't get me started with this Peri-peri Chicken. My boyfriend, who is an avid chicken wing fan approves of this without a doubt. The wings are fried to a fragile crisp while the meat inside is cooked just right to retain its juiciness.

House Special Avocado Fries with Tangy Sauce RM31.00 (member) RM34.00 (non-member)
There are many variations of fries nowadays but avocado fries? Bubbles & Bites believes in "cooking is art and art is heart". Deep fried the healthier way using corn oil, avocado fries is certainly special as its crispy breaded crust encases the rich and creamy avocado. Eaten with tartar sauce, this dish will certainly grow on you.

Chocolate Brownies RM13.00 (member) RM15.00 (non-member)
If you manage to salvage some space after those yummy dishes, seal the satisfaction with a slice of chocolate brownie. No one can resist cold ice-cream atop soft brown chocolate brownie.

Mill Orchard Juice 1 Liter in apple-lemon/ apple-current/ apple-orange/ classic apple
RM31.00 (member) RM34.00 (non-member)
Bundaberg 375ml rootbeer/ ginger beer
RM18.00 (member) RM20.00 (non-member)

A variety of bubbly drinks

The name Bubbles is earnestly defined by the variety of special beverages available in the restaurant. They can be so special that certain drinks can only be found in this eatery. Brands like Bundaberg (rootbeer) and Mill Orchard Juice are only available here in the whole of Malaysia. These quality drinks are able to make customers come to Genting just to get a carton or two back home.

A satisfied face
It was difficult to complain in Bubbles & Bites. I felt that there was heart in every dish- an ingredient to make customers revisit for more!

Bubbles & Bites is open from 11am to midnight on weekdays and till 2am on weekends, eve of public holidays and school holidays.

For more information, please call 03-2718 1118 or log on to