Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Staycation in Labuan (Part 2/4)- Malaysia Airlines

Have ever you noticed that the height of your anticipation during a vacation is actually before you reach your destination? The excitement at your pick up point, the bus station and of course at the airport trying to imagine how fantastic the trip will be. My airport experience to Labuan this time made the journey sweeter. Malaysia Airlines cradled the ecstasy of my staycation with my sister. We not only checked in our big empty luggage (for shopping yield) we also checked ourselves in Malaysia Airline's Golden Lounge.   
The MAS Golden Lounge Domestic
Rest in the comfortable lounge while waiting for your flight

I must say, waiting for the flight in a lounge makes a difference. I will usually be restless at the airport, finding for the right bench or floor tile to park the palpitating spirit. The lounge appeased me with the comfortable setting and relaxing ambiance. And of course, breakfast to keep the stomach warm.
Settle with a book while looking out the window

Being a national carrier there were tasty local favourites like nasi lemak, roti canai and mee goreng to choose from. There were also breads, buns and cereal for those who prefer a lighter start. My sister and I were delighted with the various morning beverages offered- coffee, tea, yogurt and fruit juices.
Buffet breakfast
Various drinks to choose from coffee, tea, yogurt and fruit juice

There was also a noodle station that will provide you with a bowl of steaming soup noodles with the noodle of your choice.
Noodle station
I chose prawn mee and blue berry yogurt drink

Malaysia Airlines understands the importance of being informed even on the go. Reading materials are provided for both leisure and business travelers to satisfy the hunger for local and international updates.
Reading material to facilitate your free time

Aeroplanes are always a grand sight to behold. If my father was there, he would be very much entertained just by staring at the smart fleet of aircrafts returning from or ready for duty. 
Spacious lounge facing the apron

If you go deeper to the back of the lounge, there is a massage corner that provides a quick fix of rejuvenation. A package that consists of 90 minutes of foot reflexology, foot massage, back press and basic manicure costs RM210.
Traditional massage
Clean toilets

Finally boarding time arrived. I always like to walk down the jet bridge no matter how many times I have done it. It feels like I am getting closer to fun!
Cannot wait to go onboard

Malaysia Airlines has 3 direct flights to Labuan at 9:00, 14:10 and 18:45. Other connecting flights are also available which discards the excuse of inaccessibility to the the island. I like flight schedules that offers me more time options as it provides convenience that will go a long way. My flight ticket was priced at around RM590 inclusive of insurance. It could be cheaper if you look out for promotional fares and good deals by Malaysia Airlines every now and then.
Labuan bound
MAS stewardess

My sister and I chattered away as we were too excited to get some shut-eye. When conversations were replaced with munching of food, we enjoyed movies from the range of in-flight entertainment. After 2.5 hours, we landed safely on the Pearl of South China Sea! Thank you Malaysia Airlines! Our faith is still with you.
In-flight entertainment
Lunch served
Rice and fish during return flight

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Beginning 1st September 2015, Malaysia Airlines is operated by the new company Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB).

Watch out for Part 3 where I continue with what to play and where to have fun in the island of Borneo!

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