Sunday, November 22, 2015

Staycation in Labuan (Part 4/4)- What to Eat in Labuan

Food has always been a part of the adventure in my travels. While taking advantage of duty-free spirits I, of course, did not forget to be involved in the abundance of seafood that entitles the island to its name, the Pearl of South China Sea. I had 2 dinner opportunities, chosen through top-notch recommendation that exposed me to some seafood galore in Labuan. 

Victoria's Brasserie BBQ Buffet @ Dorsett Grand Labuan
Good food and ambiance come hand in hand at the Victoria's Brasserie at Dorsett Grand Labuan. Dorsett's buffet theme changes daily and we happen to land at the BBQ theme.
BBQ dinner by the pool

To me, freshness of seafood is best testified through unseasoned cooking. Intrinsic flavours and sweetness of the seafood were unmasked. I relished in the succulent flesh of prawn, squid and lobster, sucking savoury juice from the crustaceans till my table piled with shells.
Raw seafod to be bbqed
The BBQ station
Cannot get enough of the slipper lobsters
Other than seafood, the buffet has a generous spread of dishes that will just make you fickle which to start with. The roasted whole lamb brought joy with its juicy meat accompanied with cranberry sauce.
Roasted whole lamb
Besides lamb, there is roasted rib eye done to an irresistible pink. The tender and gamy meat imprinted its taste in my mind until now.
Roasted rib eye
Cold platter was definitely in the list with fresh oysters, prawns and mussels to be eaten with a squeeze of lemon juice or just on its own.
Fresh cold platter
An assortment of cold platter
Stylishly presented appetizers
Other dishes just as delicious
I found coffee lamb and other scrumptious dishes that say a lot about Dorsetts effort to maintain the quality of the buffet. The Japanese counter offers free flow sashimi, sliced right in front of your eyes and tenpanyaki sizzled to your liking.
Coffee lamb
Japanese counter offers free fow sashimi
We were not only entertained by food but also live singing by lovely song birds with powerful vocals. I guess that helped our digestion as I went for countless rounds. Truely, that night was a dinner that had every aspect taken care off even our pockets. Price was reasonable for what we enjoyed and the quality of food offered. 
Live singing for our ears while we enjoyed our dinner
Chocolate fountain for some fun sweets
Beautifully garnished desserts
Coconut pudding 
Raspberry sorbet presented on a hand-shaped ice

Sunday- Passage to Thai
Monday- Italian Flavour
Tuesday-Steamboat Night
Wednesday- International Chinese Cuisine
Thursday- Taste of America
Friday- Seafood and BBQ Night
Saturday- Carvery and BBQ Night

Sunday to Thursday- RM70 nett per adult and RM49 nett per child
Friday and Saturday- RM80 nett per adult and RM56 nett per child

Victoria's Brasserie@ Dorsett Grand Labuan
462, Jalan Merdeka,
87029 Labuan
Tel: +60 87 422 000

Kg. Nagalang Seafood Restaurant
On the second night, we went to a seafood center which even its restaurant is built above sea. Kampung Nagalang serves local dishes as authentic as its name sounds. Aquariums of sea creatures greeted us and suggested that freshness is their main ingredient which, we discovered was true. 
The beautifully lit boardwalk to the restaurant
Freshness at its best
What attracted me was the list of live seafood cooking style list board. It was clear and inviting to customers.
Clear list of seafood cooking styles
Bountiful seafood to choose from

The prawns initiated our meal with an outstanding appearance. The honey melon housed salad prawns while the spoons served salted egg prawns. This dish proved the versatility of fresh prawns when it was served both sweet and salty. Flesh of prawns was bouncy with its taste clearly emerging even from the smother of mayonnaise and salted egg.
Two Flavoured Prawn- Salad prawn and salted egg prawn

Slipper lobsters succeeded the table with its shells still intact and smeared with salted egg yolk. The flesh of the slipper lobsters is quite similar to that of the mantis prawn only sweeter and juicier. Before long, the plate of crustaceans were snatched up clean.
Salted Egg Slipper Lobster

Take a breather and wash those flavours down with clam soup that is sufficiently flavoured from the clams in clear broth and spring onions.
Savoury Clam Soup

Fried silver fish arrived and brought us some fun with its crisp. The fish lets its sweetness shine through the light batter and simple seasoning. The whole fish can be eaten- even its bones. It adds a an enjoyable texture when eaten with warm soft rice.
Fried Silver Fish

Relax the palate with some vegetables. Soft greens like the stir friend mani chai with eggs was a pleasure to consume. The leaves were soft and soothing. With eggs, this dish is no underdog to me.
Stir Fried Mani Chai with Egg

I must give a thumbs up to the bamboo clam served kung po style and sprinkled with peanuts. The bamboo clams were generously huge and toothsome. Juice spurts out with every bite. I just could not get enough of those.
Kung Po Bamboo Clam

Here comes the very exquisite Chicken Fish which was most probably the one with the biggest ticket. Known for its premium quality, the flesh is indeed very dense and firm yet tender. The texture of the fish is unrivaled. Simple steaming in soy sauce is sufficient as this fish is best appreciated on its own.
Steamed Sea Chicken Fish

Crab is of course not an exception in a seafood dinner. We had ours in the all time favourite Kam Heong style which got each of us smacking our lips. The crabs were meaty and sweet. This dish definitely kept us silent and focused till the last bite.
Kam Heong Crab

Kampung Nagalang lived up to my expectation as a seafood restaurant.  My sister and I could only look at each other and nod in agreement that we made the right decision to have dinner here. It was a satisfying meal and I recommend this place to seafood lovers. Till my next post, happpy eating!
My sister and I with happy tummies

Kg. Nagalang Seafood Restaurant
Simpang Ikan Todak 24,
Tel: 017-898 3837/ 012-834 1997